NewSea YU24 Bacchus - Male and Female

Thursday, November 12, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Male and Female, teen through elder.

Poly Count: 6673
Vertices: 3573

Safe for most PCs.

After downloading it, you will see there are two files in the .rar: NewSea YU024 Bacchus_TF-EF_Savio.package is Female, and NewSea YU024 Bacchus_TM-EM_Savio.package Male. Delete the one you don't want in your game. :)

DOWNLOAD NewSea YU24 Bacchus
  1. Thanks. ^^ This hair is really cute.

  2. I love this hairstyle!!! Thank you Savio!! :)

  3. These are pretty cool!!!
    Thank you!!!

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    Hi Savio, thank u. A natural looking hairstyle for a change, thank God, sick and tired of all those hairstyles full of curls that don't look real in the game, Cheers Carlos.

  6. Anonymous

    Ficou show de bola! Valeu Sávio!Está de mais!

  7. Anonymous

    nice hair and nice sim. Very sexy mouth.

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks! I like that hairstyle:)

  9. This is lovely!! Could you convert it to toddler and child PLEASE? ^_^

  10. That's such a great idea! I will finish the conversions I'm currently working on, and will make it avaiable to toddlers and children! :)

  11. Yesssssss, I've been dying for waiting for some new hair for the children =D

  12. Anonymous

    Dang man, you need to pursue Art in the future. You know beauty when you see it. ;)

  13. Anonymous

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

  14. Anonymous

    One of the best hairstyles ever! Thank you so much.

  15. Anonymous

    Can you upload the model please?

  16. Anonymous

    I mean the male model by the way.

  17. He's my self sim.. You can download it here:

  18. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this!

  19. Anonymous

    He's your self sim?
    You're cute Savio.
    Thank you for uploading him, he's very welcome to my game.

  20. Uau, adorei o cabelo *o*

    "wow, i loved the hair (?) *o*"

  21. Anonymous

    how do you download it into the game i dont know how to work with zip files

  22. Anonymous

    Oi, Sávio. Feliz Ano Novo!!!!
    Gostaria de fazer um pedido: é possível você reproduzir o cabelo: yu034 M+f do Newsea? E também, se não for pedir demais, os últimos cabelos q o Newsea lançou?
    Muito obrigada por todos os maravilhosos cabelos q você tem feito!!

  23. Ola Savio, I really like this hairstyle for both genders. There are two problems though, there appears a small hole in the hairline, and the roots are always dark no matter what color. Please I hope you will be able to fix this.

  24. Courtney

    Thank you Savio! I really wanted this hairstyle but couldn't bring myself to pay for it. It looks great; you are awesome!

  25. Dude, am so glad that I could find again my bookmarks folder! I mean, I could not visit any of my favorite pages for almost two weeks! Keep up the great job!

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