Ulkrhsn Male Hair 01 - by request

Saturday, January 9, 2010 Posted by Sávio
Well, we really miss good male hairs in sims3. (at least I do) After Antonella's request, I said I'd try this. So, there it is! ^^
It is Ulkrhsn (a.k.a. Ulker) Male Hair 01, for Sims2.
It is teen through elder.
Hope you like it. :)
-Ulker Male Hair 01-
Sorry for the crappy sim - I took the pics on my notebook, with no CC, and bad graphics. :(

DOWNLOAD Ulker MHair 01
Ah, also, here is an upcoming hair: http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/8343/screenshot17bn.jpg (it needs some fixes, as you can see, so, I won't be posting it on the next few days :))
  1. Anonymous

    could you please convert this hair?

    i know infu is converting it, but he's taking too long, and i love your texture soo please :(

    here it is:
    thank you i will really appreciate it :)!

  2. Yes, I am missing male hairs! I need more of these regular kind of styles myself. Plain old messy boy hair.

    Thank you for the conversion!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Savio

    if you're looking for male hairs
    here's a cute one:

  4. Anon1, I will try that myslf later.

    Anon2, I may try that later, as well.. I don't think the texture will be that good, but I wil try it out.

    The Lunar Fox, thank you so much! ^^

  5. It's so pretty! Thank you very much!

  6. Anonymous

    thank you soo MUCH!!!!

    I dont have an account here but i will later soo that i'm not always posting as an anonymous

    thank you thank you thank you :))))!!

  7. Anonymous

    Oh btw!

    i saw your preview of the next hair and WOW, hope you can fix it, i know you will.

    and thank you again!!

  8. Thanks everyone! :)

    And youre welcome. :D

  9. Savio, darling. This is amazing. :3. One teeny question, though. If you know Garden Of Shadows, COuld yo ugo there and into the sims 3 sim-section and look at "Cherry Waves Face Templates" and possibly upload the sorta-flipped hair in the one CC female template, please? Thanks <3 Review Cookie.

  10. I don't know what hair youre talking about.. I know male's hair is newsea, and the long hair on the female is Peggy's. (the black one comes with the base game)

  11. its peggy's? i never saw it! could you possibly give me a link to that?

  12. I think it is (I have seen that very same conversion by another person too)... Wait a min, will search for the link. :)

  13. Thank you so much you have made my century. :]

  14. There it is: http://mysims3blog.blogspot.com/2009/09/6-more-hairs-added-at-peggy-zone.html (it is a special gift, and I guess you will find it at simscave.) :)

  15. Oh, i found it at index of booty -teehee-. Thank you so much! you are so helpful1 :D. And one more question Where did delphys slider hack go?

  16. He didn't update his slider hack to wa/new patch, but you use Drakah's [ http://mysims3blog.blogspot.com/2009/12/cas-sliders-by-drakah.html ] or awesomemod, I think.

  17. There are a few hairstyles I'd love to see you convert if you could.

    First is this one:

    Second, either with or without the bangs:

    This one, I've seen requested before, but no one's converted it yet. But it's really needed since there's not a lot of ethnic hair in the game.

    And the final one was one of the hairs I used most in TS2.

    If you could do all of them, it would be fantastic, but really any of them would be really, really appreciated.

  18. I dont like to crowd you with stuff. Like she just gave you four requests, and I personally cant take very much stuff at once. But could you possibly convert one of these hairs? : http://www.simscave.com/index.php?topic=13001.0


    If you do not have time i completely understand. <3 ReviewCookies

  19. Krystan, I will take a look at those hairs you gave me. Thank you. :)

    VideoGamer, those hairs will be avaiable soon, since newsea has also converted them. So, no need to convert it twice. :)

  20. *VideoGameReviewCookies

    Krystan, just remembered I had converted Nouk's Happy Braids before, and I had a pic: http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/9071/happybraidsnouk1.jpg (copy and paste to see) What ya think about it?

  21. Sávio,
    That's great hair! I don't like much girly-looking boys, and this hair hasn't girlish look at all!
    Thank you!

    This hair was already converted by a Russian girl Veronika, but it's rather unknown, because she has posted it only to russian social network vkontakte.ru. This conversion isn't perfect (http://cs1630.vkontakte.ru/u54064008/100455617/x_55fb975b.jpg), but if you interested, make me know that, I'll ask her to post it somethere outside vkontakte.

    Also I know, that Infusorian is going to make another conversion (http://infusorian.blogspot.com/2010/01/project.html)

  22. LOVE it. I just have to ask, maybe to do some more scruffy hairs? I don't send links 'cause I feel that to much nagging, just if you can convert something like that you would make me very happy :]

  23. VideoGameReviewCookie

    Possibly one more question. IF you mesh at all.. could you convert Raon Male Hair 27 for females with a bit longer hair, please? thank you. ♥♥ Cookie ♥♥

  24. I'm trying to convert the myos one. Bone assignments look good, just have to do the textures. :)

    Elin, what you meant by 'scruffy hairs'? Do you have a pic?

    Cookie, for meshing, you could ask cazy, cause she has experience at 3d modeling. (I dont, I never used milkshape or 3ds max before :x)

  25. i need an invite for cazy's page it says.

  26. Oh, and i absolutely cannot WAIIIIIIIIIIT for the myos winter-hat one. -squeal-

  27. Anonymous
  28. @ Savio Hey, can you possibly give us a full update when you are dne with the MyoS hair? i really CANNOT WAIT! :]

  29. I hope this doesn't sound impatient. But how long do textures take? i really have not done a hair before. i like to learn things .^.^

  30. Anonymous

    I know!!
    i cant wait either

    can you give us a preview? *-*!!!


  32. I dont have my game installed anymore (those pics are from my laptop), but i will send it to a friend of mine, and she will try it out. :)

    Ah, doing textures usually takes 10 minutes. (sometimes less than 10 min, but for this one, it took about 8 min ^^)


  34. Aww, thank you so so so much Savio dear ^^
    And yeah I can see that this Raon male hair is good also <3

    And you don't play the game anymore?

  35. Anonymous

    could i be the tester?!!!

    i noticed you liked my sim Melissa
    from simscave

    she could be the model :)!

  36. Anon, i askeded firsties ;.;

  37. And i just made a sim with the hair yo ugave me the link to, Savio and she is beautiful. She has pretty glasses and stuff. THAT sim could be the model ;3

  38. Anonymous


    but you better have a pretty sim

  39. MY sim is at this link (the sim i was just talking about) : http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=1830142

  40. Wait, guys. Just wait. ;) I prefer to have one only one betatester, aneeways.

    Antonella, hm, will look into it now.. :)

  41. Anonymous


    here's mine :)
    it's the last one
    the sim called Mellisa
    or i could use Lindsay (she's on the 1st page)

  42. Anonymous

    whatever you decide savio
    but please give us a preview *-*

  43. Wow, Maarco. Melissa is BEAUTIFUL where did you get her glasses? And yes Savio, please give me a download linky? ;3

  44. Guys, wait for it. Just wait. I removed those flowers from the cap, so, it may look pretty bad. ;/

    Oh, both sims are gorgeous... and both have got glasses! lol

    Now I'm trying that hair Antonella sent me. :) (and that was also requested an other anon)

  45. Anonymous

    you already have those glasses
    they come with the sims 3 xD

  46. Savio, i could try it and se if it looks bad. (Though it probably doesnt. The flowers on the cap looked hideous.) .-.;

  47. Anonymous

    actually i'm the same anon from the first post and the third xDD

  48. Oh, and Savio thank you for calling her Gorgoeus. -teehee-. I feel a lot more confident in my sims. And the reason she has glasses is because i am a glasses freak. i also have them in real life. (Chyea-heah.)

  49. now i created an account

  50. Sweet, Maarco. :3 I really hope i can test this hair. .-.;

  51. *-*!

    I know i cant waittt

  52. Is savio testing some other hair? o-o

  53. maybe the male raon hair but i'm not sure

  54. ah, okay. WAit, he doesnt have sims 3 right?

  55. I am actually opening Photoshop to do the textures. :)

    And yep, I don't sims 3. (I have, but it wont install - I will get a new video card and then try to install it again)

    Alright, since you want to try that hair, Ive uploaded it. Maarco, I will pm you. Cookie, do you have an account there?

  56. The textures of the raon male hair*

  57. account where? D: on Simscave? yes i do im drewdrew on there. :P

  58. Yep, simscave. Could you send me the link to it?

  59. OK
    just a question
    what does pm means? xD

  60. to my profile : http://www.simscave.com/index.php?action=profile

  61. ok its downloading noww

    cant waitt

    before anything
    which model?
    or Mellisa?

  62. Yeah, Also Savio Do you want Cyria to model it?

  63. And i havent gotten it yet. maartco ;o

  64. I dont know if i posted this and im too lazy to look. Profile : http://www.simscave.com/index.php?action=profile

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.
  66. I haven't even gotten it yet! ;.;

  67. why did maarco get it and ididn't yet? D:

  68. Savio, the conversion you did of the braids looks good. I'd use it in my game as is. How does it look with lighter colors?

  69. ._. Why is one of my special traits "Impatient" ? I dont like being Impateint ;.;

  70. So, what was it like Maarco? ._.;

  71. Savioooooooooooo. Why dont i have itssss?

  72. ._.; I sitll haven't gotten it. -tearyeyed-

  73. Sorry, mom was on the pc. :s

    Sent you, Cookie.

  74. Krystan, it doesnt look that good in lighter colors, due to the scalp. (I removed the scalp keys, but somehow it still has scalp T.T) But it is on my list of next uploaded. ;)

  75. you can ask infu how he did it
    or something cause its really just the hat

  76. Oh, Btw i JUST took some pics of the hat. Um the hat is in the normal hair category, and none of the colors change the hat color. I think maybe you should change tips or highlights to the hat color? because roots change the little fuzzy ball.

  77. I will edit it, and then roots will change the hat color.

    I could make it patternable, but I dont have my game installed, so, I cant use TSR Workshop. ;( Seems Infusorian used it to do hers.

  78. Ah, also, to have it patternable, you need the hat separated fom the hair,which is a hard thing to do, since there is only ONE group for hair and hat, so, we need to select every vertice one by one.

    But I think I will give up on this. You should wait for Infusorian's hair - it looks MUCH better than mine. :)

  79. Eh, don't give up. Please? ;_; just itll take just a few minutes to make the root color to the hat color right? :{ please dont give up. ;_; i visit your site EVERY DAY for stuff ;.;

  80. Ok, then. Ahd it is done.Now roots colors the hat. :) You want it now? Wait, will generate a new hair, zip it, and then upload the file.

  81. Huh?...WAit, okay. Cool. :] What whas the hair originally call- nevermind -reinstalls to see-. :] thank you so much! Your the best Sav! :D

  82. It has the same name, so, it will replace the old one. :)

    Ah, thank you!

  83. First things first. Want me to Model it with an Exclusive sim just for you Sav? ;]

  84. Just sent you a pm with the link! Check your pm list over at simscave. ;)

  85. Exclusive sim? Wow! I want it :P

  86. are you gonna send it or post it
    cause if your gonna send it i want it too xD
    if you could please

  87. maarco, i am going to model it though, okay? ;] He said ican. ^^

  88. REplied back, i think i am going to do some pics in her house instead of CaS okay? ;]

  89. ok
    i cant wait to see your sim *-*

  90. I would be very grateful :)

  91. Really? Okay! off to The sims 3! Brb! ^^

  92. Maarco, check your pms ;)

  93. I finished my pics with her. I wil upload to photobucket. I will send you the link to my photobucket. She will be the one with the white hat. Not the brown. :]

  94. Hey, gotta sleep now.. Good night, guys. :D

  95. Really? Will wait for them then.. :D

  96. Okay, messaged you them ;]

  97. Ah, just figured out how to make it bigger. :S

    Your sim is AMAZING, Cookie! I just love her eyes, as well as her freckles! (I love freckles :D~)

  98. OH, no problem Savvy. ^.^ <3<#

  99. Oh, really Sav? you think she is cute? aww, its making me all teary-eyed and i feel all nice inside. :3. Her eyes are custom-made by me. they took 3 months.

  100. Okay, im gonna make that blog-post now.

  101. 3 months? Wow! But it turned out really good. ;D

    She is so cute and lovely as well. ;) No other thoughts about her.

    Now, I gotta sleep.. Really! hehe

    Byebye, guys! Cyl. :)

  102. Ah, before getting out, just downloaded your pics, Cokie! The look perfect. :D

  103. GOOD! Okay, WAIT THOUGH! I dedicated a blog-post check it ooott! D:

  104. Just saw it! I feell so praised. :D (dont know if that is the right word >:s badEnglish)

  105. Dont worry. You feel so..happy? or.......glad? ;]

  106. Now, I really gotta go. ;(


  107. Okay! bye! have a nice sleep!

  108. It's fine that it doesn't work with light colors. I was probably only going to use the hair in dark brown and black anyway. I can't wait to download it. I also can't wait to see what you can do with the others I requested. No rush, though. lol Thanks.

  109. Squashy

    Is there any chance you could convert the military hair from sims 2 ..the male one with the flat top and shaved sides ...that would be excellent

    Thanks for your work !!

  110. Explaining is hard... Ehm, just something with a little length, hanging down in the eyes, not like emo, just, "just out of bead" hair. I give up, too much work.
    http://www.rosesims2.net/contribute/gifts/image/rosedonate_0051.jpg That is pretty qute
    http://www.rosesims2.net/contribute/donation%20images/Rosedonate_0071.JPG And the male one here, nice too. Sorry for nagging :P

  111. Hey, i gave you a message on SimsCave.

  112. I posted this on the sims finds blog, but realized you'd be more likely to see it here. I myself have no requests, but, if you're looking for ideas for future hair, here's a good place to start: http://sims2graveyard.com/

    It's an archive of abandoned Sims 2 sites. Since they're abandoned, it's very unlikely that the creators will convert their hair to Sims 3. Maybe there's a few hairs that look interesting to you in there?

  113. HEy, Sav! I was thinking. On the cave (simscave) they have the sims 2 newsea iris hair. And its not yet on the cave for sims 3. I really would like you to convert that. its the one with one braid on the front and one in back.

  114. Anonymous

    Hasn't someone already converted and posted the Raon male hair at GOS?


  115. You
  116. Flajko

    Sorry to double post but I really need your help!

    Hi there Savio,I'm Vladimir and I really like your hair conversions!!!They are magnificent! :)
    I am doing a big project with making Angelina Jolie,and before you think :"oooh here it is again,someone's lame try to make Angelina",let me convince you that this sim really looks like Angie!The thing is that I've made a lot of custom stuff for her:lipstick,face-mask,tattoos on her body...it was hard enough to make her this good looking,and now I need your help to make a good ts2 hair conversion!I tried to make one myself but it went wrong,as you can see from the pictures!The mesh name is [MyoS] F_hair07_Mesh!I hope you'll see this comment cause I can't find any other way to contact you!Thanks in advance!You can contact me on dovla91@hotmail.com !
    Here are some pictures of Angelina, the hair I tried to convert and the "Salt" version of Angelina that resembles her in the new movie "Salt"!!You can find the myos fhair 07 mesh here http://www.mediafire.com/?ny5doqwymmi or find it over google

    Here are the links of the photos:

    Here I tried to translate my letter to your language for better communication and I hope that Google Translate didn't fail:

    Oi lá Savio, eu estou Vladimir e eu realmente gosto de conversões do seu cabelo! Eles são magníficos! :)
    Estou fazendo um grande projeto com a tomada de Angelina Jolie, e antes que você pense: "oooh aqui está mais uma vez, tentar coxo de alguém para fazer Angelina", deixe-me convencer que esta sim realmente parece Angie! A única coisa é que eu fez um monte de coisas personalizadas para seu batom:, máscara facial, tatuagens em seu corpo ... era forte o suficiente para fazê-la esta boa aparência, e agora eu preciso de sua ajuda para fazer uma conversão ts2 cabelo bom! Tentei fazer um eu mesmo, mas deu errado, como você pode ver as fotos! O nome da malha é [Myos] F_hair07_Mesh! Eu espero que você verá este comentário causar Eu não consigo encontrar nenhuma outra forma de contato com você! Thanks in advance! Você pode entrar em contato comigo em dovla91@hotmail.com!
    Aqui estão algumas fotos de Angelina, o cabelo eu tentei converter eo "Salt" versão de Angelina, que se assemelha a ela no novo filme "Sal"! Você pode encontrar o fhair Myos 07 malha aqui http://www.mediafire. ny5doqwymmi com /? ou encontrá-lo sobre o Google

  117. Hello there Savio. I love your convertion of Raon 69, it's just like my hair is now. But the bangs bothers me a little. I like how they are on the second larg pic, but it does not shows up like that in game for me.. Can you please fix it up a little bit?? The Raon 46 is very good. But the 69 one is different from the pics. Please, just fix it a little for me? Thanks :)

  118. Anonymous

    This hair is AMAZING!!!

  119. Anonymous

    oh , this hair is beautyful , can i make you a request ???? can you convert some hair to ,sims3pack file ??? please i will love you so much please please please

  120. Shadow

    Hi/Hola, Savio!
    I was wondering if you could convert Peggy#4423. This is my friend's favorite TS2 hair, and he would love it if you could convert it, if possible.

    Here's the mesh.

    I hope that's all you need! Thanks!

  121. Looks awesome, I'm not sure how I missed it the first time around.

  122. Anonymous



  123. Wow!! Thank you. Finally some manly hair!!!

  124. Lauren

    i don't know if you meant to do this or not, but i think the sim resembles Matthew Macfadyen

  125. Anonymous

    how do u DL the hair it has a box wiv find and save in it wat should i click and then wat thanx and plz help

  126. Anonymous

    hey how do i download this hair? i can press anything to download it! help please!

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