Agustin Sexy Natural Hair Pushed Back

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Posted by Sávio

New conversion: Agustin Sexy Natural Hair Pushed Back (such a long name, huh? lol) Btw, the name says it all. xD

Thanks to:

Agustin @ Fabulous Sims
Delphy for Daboobs and CTU
Wes for tools (MS plugins)
Milkshape developers

There ya go:

DOWNLOAD Agustin SNHPB (acronym lmao)
Hope you like it! ^^ Ah, please, tell me what you think about it. :)
  1. Anonymous

    I simply loved it! Thanks.

    I was wondering if you take requests to convert hairs.


  2. Ela

    Looks great, Savio! I like it very much. Thank you. :)

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful :) Thank You!

  4. Anonymous

    your conversions are great. im wondering though if you could fix this tsr hair, its too high on the head and the wavy version has bald spots...if you do this great if not...oh well

    hair 2:

  5. Anonymous

    For a 14 year old, your such full of talent Savio. I must already have most, if not all of your wonderful creations. Thank you. Please don't stop making stuff. cheers - bootz

  6. Anonymous

    Hi Savio, love the hair thanks! The model is also gorgeous, is she available for download? And her dress is also cute, where did you download?? Keep up the great work!

  7. Thanks everyone :)

    Anon above, the model is by Catherine @ SimsCave.. I just change her makeup a lil bit! Also, the dress if from All About Style!

  8. sorry, change = changed

  9. Anja

    I think you're getting better with each new project.

  10. Oi Sávio!Eu fiz um novo blog e uma nova conversão de cabelo.Pode ver?

  11. I loooove this blog, I'm trying not to splurge and just download everything because I don't think my hard-drive could take it :)
    Anyway, I posted your link on my blog. You can see it here:
    If you want the link taken down, just comment and I will.

  12. This is perfect because I can choose different hair styles, also it gave an idea to change my personality and doing something really crazy on the street, because you know all things I doing no one would know.

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