Anto 59

Sunday, July 11, 2010 Posted by Sávio
Hey guys :3

New hair here. :D I like this one a lot. However, I should warn you about something:

!!!!!WARNING!!!!! THIS HAIR IS 27K POLYS. Yeah, 27k!!!!111oneoneeleven. This is the highest poly count I have ever seen. lol LOD1 is lower - it's 10k - although 10k it is still pretty high.

So, if you think your PC can't handle such hair, please, simply don't download it. I don't want to see people complaining about crashes or slowing-down, like it was my fault. ;)

Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy this. ^^

Anto 59

  1. #MK

    OMG, 27K polygons?
    Hail for a new record everyone.

    I loved it Sav, thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    link doesn't work, could you refresh it ? thanks

  3. Anonymous

    I love all of your hair!! I've been looking for good hair forever, then I just gave up, went to modthesims to look for makeup, and there was someone there using your hair on her models, i thought it looked good, followed the link and here i am, im sooooooo glad i found this! You are great! i love how you make the hair look, peggysims hair look too shiny and thin (no offence to her)

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