Short Hairs - Peggy 4644 and 3900

Friday, August 28, 2009 Posted by Sávio
I'm working on the Peggy 4644 (or juice 104) and Peggy 3900 conversions. Here a few pics:

Peggy 4644

I have to edit its uv map, and make the alpha smoother. :)

Eta: i will work on it tomorrow morning... I edited the uv map, but it looked too weird.

Peggy 3900

I will post this tomorrow I think.. Sims's head looks big, doesn't it? =P
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  1. Hello Savio, i'm totally in love with your conversions...thank you so much..i'm brazilian too and i have just 15 years

  2. Sávio, faz um anúncio do seu blog para colocar na revista, faz!?

  3. Anonymous
  4. Anonymous

    sooo...when are you going to release the peggy 3900 hair? *waiting* lol

  5. Anonymous

    when can i download the 3900 one, i love it !! it was my fav sims 2 hair :-)

  6. Anonymous

    Hurry please.
    I need the last one!

  7. Hi eu queria fazer download Hair Peggy 3900.

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