ShortCurls Fixed - Download

Thursday, August 27, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Well, here it is. Hope you like it!


I will upload the sim tomorrow. I'm too sleepy... :D
  1. Que lindo!!! SO cute!!!

  2. Que bom que vc agora tem seu blog..

  3. hehehe Pensei em criar um mesmo.. :D

  4. Hi, Savio:)

    I'm glad I can just link all your hair directly here now. And BTW, I'm not Cazy:P

    I'm a boy.

  5. I didn't realize youre a boy.. lol (well, I never realize :x) But I know youre not Cazy.. :P If you thought I called you Cazy when i said 'Thanks cazy', that's why she's posted a tutorial that explains how to fix alpha issues and flaws.. hehehe But I wanted to say thanks to you as well! Thanks for all hairs of mine you posted, your 'advices', and so forth... Thank you! :D

  6. This looks great! How did you fix the transparency issue, Savio?

  7. I followed Cazy's tutorial here:

    I didn't use those comments she's put cause when I fixed it, she hadn't posted it yet.

  8. Is there a tutorial (or can you possibly help me) that explains how to fix the bone structures when you convert? I converted an old ethnic RainCandy afro puff hair, and it's painfully obvious that the bone structures aren't set right. I need someone to take a look at it for me. I'm a Milkshape newbie, unfortunately.

  9. Anonymous

    if only it had bangs D:

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