NewSea Luke

Sunday, March 14, 2010 Posted by Sávio

This one was requested @ SimsCave.

It's NewSea Xmas Gift - Luke hair converted into Sims 3.

It has ONE patternable area, and is avaiable only for males - teen through elder.

Download only ONE version.

Double click for .sims3pack, and copy/paste into Mods/Packages for .package.

Hope you enjoy it! :)'
  1. Jenipunch

    Looks great Savio, I can't wait to use it in-game :)

  2. Looks great THANKS!!!

  3. Anonymous

    I loved this one in Sims 2 and it's perfect with Alex's awesome clothes. Thank you so much!

  4. drewdrew

    *Sigh* i love it..but i wish it was for females, too. :/

  5. Anonymous

    I like the hair a lot! I love this for my male sims! =)) And I have a request (If you take requests of course) Could you convert this hair for kids please? It's my favourite one! Thanks!

  6. Anonymous

    ohh i requested this hair in simcave and i have forgotten for a while...I didn't know you have really converted it! :D
    Thanks for great conversion! Absolutely better than the original NewSea one :)

  7. Anonymous

    Savio, could you convert raon 53 for all ages please? It's an amazing hair.

  8. Heey, just so you know, you have a new follower here ^_^

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you for the hardwork in conversions. :D

  10. Anonymous

    where i can find this clothes??

  11. I hve tried to get different clothes on the game and it have been impossible to me. Could you tell me were I can find the store on the game? I'll appreaciate your soon answer.

  12. It's really nice upload thanks for sharing...

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