Raon 31 (male)

Saturday, June 12, 2010 Posted by Sávio
Sorry for no updates for a while! (I have been having problems with my internet connection, which fortunately I was able to fix)

So, male hair! I've tried to retextured this one, but it came out bad. :/

Raon 31


Hope you like it! :D
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  1. OMG! concerteza a melhor da suas conversões para cabelos masculinos!

    brigadão e parabéns savio!

  2. Anonymous

    I dunno it looks good Savio :) Thank you!

    <3 Missa

  3. Anonymous
  4. reminiscence

    Nice hair!
    Thanke you, Savio~

  5. thank you Savio :)

  6. Visions
  7. Anonymous

    Great, Savio!


    PS.: where can I get the model?

  8. LYH

    I like that. very nice!
    Thanks, your kindness.

  9. can you make it sims3pack?

  10. Anonymous

    cool hair! downloaded

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