Raon 82

Sunday, June 13, 2010 Posted by Sávio
New hair, Raon 82!

Well, I retextured this one with Cazy's hairtexture, that is an edit of Anto's texture.

Oh, btw, it has around 6500 polys, so safe to use on most PCs.

Raon 82


Hope you like this one. :)
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  1. Anonymous

    Great job Sav! Imma retexture this, probably just for personal use. Thanks!! ^-^

  2. B

    Like the texture, thanks alot!

  3. hello, lovely hair. thank you! where can i get instructions on how to download this into my game?

  4. Here: http://www.sims2wiki.info/wiki.php?title=Sims_3:Installing_Package_Files :)

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Savio, I'm so glad you did this hair! I had been using the one Anubis did, but as he noted, it had some transparency issues that he didn't know how to fix at the time (when you zoom out, you can see a really wide scalp gap).

    The only problem is that on his MTS post, he said that you have to have the adult mesh installed for child/toddler to show up. I want to use your hair instead, but can't uninstall his because I will lose the child/toddler versions as well.

    So do you think you could also convert this for child and toddler?

  6. Anonymous

    oh so nice thanx 4 trying 2 make this low polys since my PC is retarded x.x and it's a cute ponytail; btw will this still work 4 the latest game patch? -Kupocygirl

  7. The hairstyle is for adult or for all age?

  8. Is there a version of this for males? I really like it and think it would be perfect for one of my male characters, but I can't find it anywhere for males...

  9. Anonymous

    how do I download this?

  10. Zulaiqa

    Thanks for this, keep up the good work. p/s your English is fine XD

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