NewSea 16 - Male version added

Saturday, September 26, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Hey! :)

This has already been converted by the original author, NewSea (?), and someone else (forgot the name, sorry) over at GOS... On newsea website, it is pay, though.

I thought we would be getting this early, but I do not think that anymore.. So, I wanted to try it. :D

And here are a few pics with it in game:

1, 2, 3, 4

DOWNLOAD NewSea 16 Female

FileBox zShare

As promised, here is the male version: (sorry for be late, but I have had some problems on RL. )


DOWNLOAD NewSea 16 Male


Ah, I am sorry for floating hairs.. I do have to do this because if I don't, the hair will go through the body if your sim is stronger/fatter. Sorry again...

  1. Thanks, Savio:)

    I can't wait to see it later in my game.

  2. Anonymous

    Love this! Will you convert it for males as well, or just females?

  3. I will make a male version as well... May post right today!

  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful I can't wait for the male version too.

  5. Anonymous
  6. Anonymous
  7. Anonymous

    sorry but i cant download

  8. Anonymous

    I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for this! The pictures you posted do not do this hair justice. It just looks SO BEAUTIFUL in game. I downloaded this from Newsea and was so disappointed when it changed in the shower or when my sim was nude, and this is the only hair other than a default long hair that I liked on a particular sim. So when I downloaded your conversion, saw how beautiful it was in-game, and saw that it did NOT change in the shower, I was ecstatic. You are very talented.

    Is there any chance that you could convert the Newsea Maple hair, too? I'm using it on another sim and it has the same problem of changing in the shower. That is so annoying!

  9. Anonymous

    i don't like how it sticks up when the sims is turned to the side. But otherwise its nice.

  10. Anonymous

    i can't download it :(

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  12. Is it ok to retexture your hairs? With permission and credit of coarse. I only want to Pooklet it. I tried hitting contact you but it didn't work.

  13. NearLandLight

    um.....i can't download it filebox won't open it says my internets not working each time and zshare keeps taking me back to the time wait so could you put a mediafire link cause mediafire always works everytime i use zshare it won't download it just takes me back plz help

  14. what a great idea, now result that you can make your avatar looks like man, despite be a girl, fantastic, now this game not only promove the Antisocial personality disorder, now homosexuality too, great work!!! I has beem sarcastic.

  15. Anonymous

    hey can u plz update the links? it says file not found for both of them

  16. Anonymous

    Link Has been Deleted,Savio???

  17. Anonymous

    Same! link does not work!

  18. Anonymous

    NewSea 16 Female plz repost

  19. Anonymous

    Pls Update,thx very much for your work. :)

  20. Anonymous

    :( the download links aren't working for me

  21. Anonymous

    please fix the download links thans

  22. download link doesn't work for me too very dissapointed.

  23. plz fix your download links

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