Raon 69 and 46 - DOWNLOAD

Friday, September 4, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Raon 69 and 46 -both for only ladies =P

* Links for download and a few more pics below *

- Both color properly

- Havent tested the short (raon 69) ingame yet, but I believe it works nicely. :D


Raon 69 (short one) - DOWNLOAD

Raon 46 (tied one) - DOWNLOAD

Hope you like it! ^^

edit: fixed the link for raon 69.

edit2: fixed the link for raon 46

edit3: fixed the raon 69. it's not perfect cause I had to edit the UV map to fix the clipping issues. sorry.. :(

edit4 (13/06/10): fixed links! uploaded both on MediaFire

  1. Thanks again, Savio! I'm really looking forward to the first one. The other is great too.

  2. Hey Savio, Thank so much for taking the time to convert hairs. You do a great job, I love them. Thanks for sharing your work. I can't believe you are only fourteen, lol. I'm 22 and I don't even understand the tutorials. XD

  3. Anonymous

    Can't wait to get my hands on them. You are showing off now, I love how much you have improved in such a short time. Thanks for providing us with great TS2 conversions.

    I can't wrap my brain around hair conversions or meshing, but all I wanted to do was a retexure, can't understand that either. Lulz!

  4. Thanks everyone! Glad you like them! ^^)

  5. Love them! Thanks for the updated link:)

  6. Savio, you are probably the single most taleted conversionist ever! Thank You! :)

  7. Anonymous

    These hairs are amazing but how can I download the fist one?

  8. Megan, I think I'm not... =P Anyway, glad you like my work! ^^

    MS3B, thank you for letting me know about the broken link! Your blog the the best ever! :D

  9. Anonymous

    They rock! The link to the second hair is now broken as well though. Bummer. :/

  10. Anonymous

    These are amazing, but could you fix up the bangs on the short hair a bit? It looks extremely choppy in my game - here's a screenshot. Or, if you can't fix it, is it possible to add a version without bangs?

  11. Ok, I'll fix it. (I didn't notice it cause I havent tested on darker hairs - sorry)

    Ah, does someone know an other hoster for upload my files? Mediafire links are breaking. :S

  12. Anonymous

    i cant download the second one

  13. Anonymous

    and please can you upload them on megaupoad links please

  14. Anonymous

    sorry megaupload links

  15. I have uploaded second one on filebox.. I just tested and it is -still- working.

    Ah, and megaupload uploader wont work for me, idk why. :s

  16. Anonymous

    it seems the second one can't be downloaded on filebox too..

  17. God, whats going on? I cant think of any hoster that I can upload my files to. :s Suggestions?

  18. Anonymous

    I'm sooo glad you uploaded these. The up style has always been one of my favs. I don't recall the shorter style, but it's still just as cute. Great conversion

  19. Anonymous

    managed to download the second one now. sorry if i caused any worry :) anyway, i am glad to have more realistic hair, instead of those from anime, Korean or Japanese stars..

  20. Anonymous

    For hosting:
    Mediafire, box.net, zshare are all fairly reliable. When one's down, the others should definitely be up.

    Another issue with raon-69, since you're looking into fixing it:

    There's a small clipping problem with the hair, as shown in the screenshots. It seems to visible with all hair colours/weights.

  21. Anonymous

    personally, i prefer the short hair without hte bangs. but it's just me :)

  22. O cabelo curto talvez ficasse melhor com a franja das primeiras fotos que tiras-te. Aquele pedaco de cabelo que fica mesmo em frente dos olhos fica mais brilhoso se tomares atencao. Eu gosto dos dois e deve ser super dificil fazer cabelo por isso continua a fazer mais eu adoro o teu trabalho.

  23. gsilva0915, no editor 3D não aparece aquela franja. Não entendi nada! O UV map tá legal, não tem nada que eu possa modificar pra tirar aquele pedaço de franja.. :s

    O pior é que no jogo, parece que ele 'aumenta' o UV map, então fica partes que antes não eram pra aparecer, como nas 3 fotos do Anônimo...


    Anons, I will try to fix it. The game messes the UV map up. ._.

  24. Idk, the first picture you took doesn't have that piece of hair on the bangs. I was just saying that the hair with that piece that falls right in the middle of the nose its shiny and it doesn't match the rest of the hair for some reason, maybe its my game that does that. But other than that looks good. Don't worry about it. I don't understand much of this anyways....don't mind me.

  25. Ohh misterwalnut gave you a screen shot.....that's how mine looks.

  26. Too weird, here it doesnt act like that. It must be a random thingy, idk. :S

    misterwalnut, thanks! I wont use mediafire anymore - all the links are breaking.
    Zshare's nice as well as Box.net. I'll try these out if I have problems with filebox. =)

  27. BlackCat

    Maybe you just uploaded the old version by mistake? It does the same thing for me :(

  28. Anonymous

    its been fixed!

    like it, thx!

  29. Anonymous

    the links works...thanx ^-^

  30. Anonymous

    i keep trying to download, but it keeps saying 'expired session' when i click download after all the waiting time.this happens even when i try to register and enter my details :(

  31. Anonymous

    second hair = game crashed

  32. Anonymous

    i played about four hours with it on my sim, and it didn't crash.. maybe your computer cannot handle it, dunno.

  33. Anonymous

    is it possible to upload this to zshare as well? i can't seem to download it from filebox. thanks : )

  34. Anonymous

    Thank you!!! I really love those hair styles... you're such an artist to create them...
    Thanks again!!!!! :D

  35. Anonymous

    The links do not work today :(

  36. Anonymous

    Hi! I'm having some problems with all of your hairs! I'd really love them 4 my sims but in cas i can't visualize them all! I don't think it's an installation matter 'cause most of packages files i've download so far are working right...
    Any suggestion for my problem?

  37. Kiki

    I LOOOOOOVE the second style (The up-do) but when I zoom out, it looks like she got half her hair chopped of. Any suggestions?

  38. Anonymous

    I downloaded the second style, but I have no idea how to get it into my game. Can any one help me?

  39. Anonymous

    Really love these although it's been a few months since they were put up here however I cannot download either one of them. I even created a account with Filebox and when I proceed to the download after the time limit it just simply says "no file". Can you check and make sure these links are working properly? I would really love to have these hairstyles.

  40. Anonymous

    both downloads worked fine for me. cant wait to use them in my game! thanks a lot!

  41. Anonymous

    Thank you, You do really good work!

  42. Anonymous

    u a versatile and talented!
    I really appreciate your works for creating and uploading!

  43. Anonymous

    Filebox seems to be down for sometime. Can you put them up somewhere else?

  44. Anonymous
  45. Anonymous

    First link as far as I know is broken.

  46. Anonymous

    Links are broken like my testicles.Wait what.

  47. Filebox is not working anymore, can you replace the links?

  48. Savio, the styles are so beautiful! However, your links are broken.... :( If it isn't too much trouble could you please repost them somewhere else or send me the file at twilightaddict2014@gmail.com ?

  49. Anonymous

    Download links are broken.
    Please replace the links.
    These hair are so beautiful.

  50. Oh, I'm sorry, I will fix the links now!

  51. Anonymous

    Links are fixed everyone. Thanks Sávio!

  52. Anonymous

    Can we get the new version of the short haired version in the first screenshot set?

  53. Wow! Thanks a ton! You're great!

  54. Anonymous

    I'm still getting the weird choppy piece at the forehead, and it zigzags weirdly once you start playing. :/

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