NewSea YU29F Bliss - Update

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Well, NewSea has just posted Bliss hair as donation. Everyone already knows that we need to wait patiently until we get it.

So, I took this hair again, and I have edited it. (it is better now, I think)

Ah, it sits lower on the head, it is smoother (auto smooth has kinda messed the hair up a bit), and it has better bone assginments. (much better hehe)

So, here you go!


MediaFire - 4Shared
  1. Meu amigo nota 10 para vc bela convenção...
    obrigado a vc e continue assim...

  2. Muito obrigado, Rita! ^^ Seu blog tá ótimo! Temque ir todo dia visitar ele... =)

    Abraços, ;3

  3. JordooSims
  4. Loved the first one so I can't wait to try this one:)

  5. Anonymous

    could you try converting this one?

  6. Anonymous

    Beautiful! Thanks for updating this hair! :D

  7. Anonymous
  8. Anonymous

    Thank you is perfect now!

  9. Anonymous

    Beautiful. Do you think you can convert this for men too?

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for taking time to update this

  11. Anonymous

    please please please can you convert raon 35 ? i would be thrilled as this was my fave hair for the sims 2 ! here is a link.

  12. I'm missing you ...
    I wish you a "Merry Christmas"

  13. Anonymous

    Convert this to toddler/child? (:

  14. Catrine

    Very nice!
    But how do I put it in the game? I've downloaded into "My pictures" but what do I do next? My computer doesn't recognize the filetype... Is that a problem?

  15. Anonymous

    Eu sei k tu nao tenhs de fazer favores a ninguem mas eu estou a implorart k convertas os 5 cabelos do coolsims que ainda nao foram convertidos para the sims 3 eles são simplesmente espetaculares e eu sei que tu vais faxer um trabalho excelente e k todo o mundo vai adorar, principalmente eu...
    Grande abraço

  16. Anonymous
  17. Doina

    Thank you so much for everything you do! Kisses form Romania ^_^

  18. Anonymous

    Hi !! how do I get it on the sims 3 game?

  19. Anonymous

    Hi !! how do I install it on the sims 3 game?

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