Rose 106 - Teen through elder

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Just got this from SimsCave, and started to convert it. =D

It is not in 'hair with accessories - there is no way to make accessories with an alpha.

You color the clipby changing the base color. (in black it will look weird, I know, but I wasn't able to make the way I wanted - sorry)

Anyways, there it is! :)

It is teen through elder, only for females. (lol) I'm tying to make it avaiable for children, but it's been really hard. (can't fit it)
Poly count: 8247
Vertices count: 3401
MediaFire - 4Shared
Hope you enjoy it!
Just a note about WA:
I haven't got World Adventures Ep yet, but please, if you experience ANY problems with my hairs or objetcs, please, let me know, so, I can fix it as soon as possible!
Thank you,
  1. judy555/Canada

    Wow! Wonderful conversion, really terrific.

    Thank you so much.

  2. I said it at MS3blog already, but I really like all of your conversions! Thank you for all! :D

  3. WOW! Thank You ~ I love it XD

  4. Anonymous

    muito bom trabalho com este cabelo, simplesmente adorei......*_*
    Porfavor podes converter o cabelo novo do coolsims, agradeciate porque simplesmente adorei o cabelo obrigado...
    Grande abraço de Portugal

  5. Anonymous

    Thank You ! ^^
    Btw ,,
    cn u convert rose's donation hair 10 ?
    Pweaaaseee ? =3

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