Savio Hair 11 - New Mesh!

Sunday, June 27, 2010 Posted by Sávio
Hey guys! :D

New hair mesh here! xD I think this one looks much better than my first mesh, but it's still not perfect. :/

ABOUT POLYCOUNT: This hair has about 18k polys, so, be aware it's highpoly. (LOD1 is about 6k, so, don't be afraid if you think your PC can't handle 18k-or-so poly hairs)

I'm really glad you guys liked my first mesh (I can't really tell you how surprised I was when I saw the nice comments my first mesh got!), and really hope you guys will enjoy this one.

I thought of making a version with morph states, but I'd have to use TSRW, and I don't like anything that comes from T$R. But I still might try it and make a improved version and morphing-enabled. :)

Hm, that's all. As I said, I hope you guys like this! (at least as much as you guys seemed to like my first hairmesh hehe)

Savio Hair 11

DOWNLOAD Savio Hair 11

Oh, and please, lemme know in the comments about what you think about this, and what you think I should improve. :)
  1. Holy crap-- that's adorable! A basic but very beautiful style.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you Savio, I love this style.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh my God savio, you are just so amazaing at making hairstyles, when i play i want custom hair, but i want it simple, and most simmers want the same, i would like to personaly thank you for making this AND your last mesh, keep up the incredable work!!

  4. Anonymous

    The sides on the front are uneven, i love your first hair, so i'll stick to that for now, even though i downloaded this one.

    I actually wanted to request this for female children and the other version as well. (mainly the other version)

    Other custom hair creators should take note from you btw, now THAT's how you do hair. Simple and sweet.

  5. Anonymous
  6. Anonymous

    I love this style but I would love for the poly count to be a little lower... Great work!!

  7. Anonymous

    Love this hair! Great job Savio! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Anonymous

    wooo increíble ! Savio me encanta todo el pelo . Aún así , con sus pelos maravilloso.

  9. Anonymous

    Holy Cow!!! This looks beautiful!!! Savio,goob job dude!!!

  10. Anonymous

    i love it and the one before
    need more simple nice hairstyles
    really good work
    keep it up! ure good

  11. Anonymous

    Simple and just the right length. I think I have a favorite new hair now! Thank You! I Would love it on guys if possible as well.

  12. Anonymous

    Great work Savio =) Thank you very much!

    Greetings from Finland!

  13. I love everything about it as-is, but two things I would recommend is maybe adding more hair at the crown to make the hair look a bit less plastered to the scalp, and maybe some bangs for a future version.

    But I see myself using this one pretty often, so great job!!

  14. Anonymous

    Very nice, don't change a thing...lovely :-)

  15. Alguém pega meu queixo?Acho que ele caiu!

    Tá marissimamente mara Sávio *-------------*

  16. K

    Stunning! It's one of my favourites ever, so simple and cute. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep up the great work!

    And I second the male conversion request. This would look charming on boys.

  17. Ameri

    This is beautiful! One problem though, I can't seem to download it. I click the "download now" thingy but my usual downloads pop-up thingy doesn't open. I'm using Firefox, btw. Can you maybe upload it to another site too

  18. Anonymous

    As for the "please add more hair to the crown" comment, oh god no. Please keep them simple and beautiful like this. Without the crazy hair poof at the scalp that people seem to think makes people look good when it just makes them look like their head is swollen. This is gorgeous :D

  19. Ziima

    Não sabia q vc era do Brasil
    Táa cheio de brasileiro fazendo criações pra TS3 incríveis
    Mas vc e o Tumtum do MyBlueBook fazem um trabalho limplesmente D+!

    Thanks for the post ^-^

  20. O anterior tinha algumas imperfeições, mas mesmo assim estava lindo. Gostei muito do penteado.
    Mas esse está perfeito, pelo menos aos meus leigos olhos. A textura, o brilho, o acabamento...lindíssimo!! Não vejo a hora de testar no jogo.
    Parabéns mesmo!! É muito bom ver a sua evolução!

  21. Anonymous

    I'm getting an error for the download also. This is a pretty hair, I want to get it. I'll check back and hopefully it will be fixed so I can get it.

    Thank you and keep it up!

  22. Becki

    I love it! I downloaded it just fine. I'd love to see it be lower poly somehow, but I've been looking for hairs just like this. Great job!

  23. Sávio, lindo,usável, uma gracinha!!! Vc evoluiu rios desde as primeiras experiências, impressionante!

  24. Anonymous

    Amazing work :) Can you please think of making it available for the sims 2 too :D Pretty please.... :)

  25. This is absolutely gorgeous! I cant believe you didnt think we'd like them! The game is seriously lacking in beautiful, NORMAL hairstyles! Thanks for bringing some back!

    Keep it up!


  26. Gorgeous gorgeousness, I'm so thrilled! XD

  27. Anonymous

    I also disagree with the "more hair at the crown" comment. Ridiculous. This hair is beautiful and simple. Thank you!

  28. Lady Bubblegum

    Beautiful! I prefer hair that's pretty and simple, not something that looks like it stepped out of a little girl's beauty pageant, and this is perfect!

    <3333 THANK YOUUUUU~

  29. Anonymous

    make some for the sims2

  30. I don't know how to make hairs for Sims 2. Besides, I don't have it installed anymore. :/

  31. Anonymous

    Can you make a male conversion of this. This hair wouldn't look out of place on a male like most F2M hairs.

  32. Hey Sávio, this is wonderful!
    The lack of nothing-realistic stuff, mainly hair, generally pisses me off and this is kinda "the perfect solution for my problems".

    Pelo acento no nome, eu suspeitei que fosse brasileiro. Eu gostei demais demais demais disso >w<
    É muito lindo, eu já tentei fazer algo como uma mesinha simples e nem isso saiu. Seu talento é impressionante.
    Parabéns e "thanks for sharing"
    Keep the shiny work ;D

  33. I love it. ~ It's awesome! ~ Thank You very much.

  34. Anonymous

    Why all the polys? There are no curls or anything? Even 5000 would've been too much for such a simple style.

  35. I really love this style! Just not how it sits on the head. If it lined up more centered, I'd be in love for ever and ever xD

  36. Anonymous

    I love it!
    eventhough I don't download it because I'm afraid my game won't handle but it looks really nice!

  37. Anonymous

    Gracias ¡Me encanta!

  38. Anonymous

    uhmm... where's is the download link?? I clicked on 'MediaFire' and Im not seeing it. i dont understand.

  39. Anonymous

    ^ same. It wont let me download.

  40. Anonymous

    Hi Savio, I love your stuff, no jokes. Been following it for a while now :)

    I was wondering, and have been looking for a while, a medium length wavey male hair. Young adult preferably and adult. Wasn't sure where to ask. hope you can help, or at least tell me where I can find one. Free, no C.C. or paypal options this side :)) Thank you so much. And thank you again for all your hard work, it must take hours and days to complete one set. Amazing.

  41. Anonymous

    Oh to those on the problems on downloads, it might just be your cookie setting on this site. If your browser is blocking cookies, you could run into that problem, I know a couple of months ago that happened to me too. Hope that helps.

  42. Jada

    Really Cute! Thanks, Savio.

  43. Oh muiiiiito obrigada por isso! estou mesmo feliz por existirem pessoas tão talentosas como você!!
    thanks a lot ^.^

  44. Anonymous

    EXACTLY my hairstyle!! :D

  45. Anonymous

    How can I download this? it wont let me download.

  46. Anonymous

    Do you think you could make this for males too? :)

  47. Anonymous

    I cant open it.. I have macbook pro ... It tells me it wont be opened

  48. Anonymous

    savio i am having a problem downloading this so can you make a sims3pack, thankyou

  49. Anonymous

    cant download file it starts to download the hair stlye but the file swapt to some text.html file of the websites contents and not the hair file... MediaFire always seems to do this:(

  50. Anonymous

    How we make to download!!!! I speak French

  51. Anonymous

    savio could you make a sims 3 pack available?
    I am unable to download .RAR files for now before i get my computer fixed.

  52. Anonymous

    AARRRGHH! i can't download it! Savio i nnnnneeeed this hair and can't get it!!!
    "Hint""Hint" SIMS3PACK!!!!!!!

  53. Anonymous
  54. KathySelden

    I love this hairstyle. Can I share it on

  55. Anonymous

    im new to this whole sims thing but this is beautiful. do you know how i can get this on my sims? like i said im new

  56. Anonymous

    The hair is so plain for such a high poly 8|

  57. Anonymous

    It looks amazing ingame, I totally love it! Thank you for sharing Savio <3

  58. Anonymous

    Just wanted to say thank you! There are a lot of good custom hairstyles out there, but this is my favorite by far!

  59. Anonymous

    This is by FAR my favourite hair for the Sims ever. I just had to reinstall my game and lost this one, you have no idea how long it's taken me to track it down! I literally cannot play without this hair, it's natural but high quality. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  60. This hairstyle is still my favorite)) Thank you 1,000 times!

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