Shymoo 07 - Fixed and Pooklet'd

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Posted by Sávio
This hair is really cute, but who made it 'forgot' to do the LODs. And this one is really high poly for a bob - 15k!

What's changed:
-Missing LODs added
-Changed texture - diffuse, specular, control
-Changed mesh comments

Shymoo 07

DOWNLOAD Shymoo 07 - Fixed and retextured
Enjoy! :D
  1. B

    I think this is the best bob in the community so far, thanks for the new textures and fixes.

  2. I love how your retextures don't conflict with everything. Great job! ^^

  3. Anonymous

    Love it ! Thanks Savio!!

  4. Thanks, Savio! I love this hair and you made it better.

  5. Anonymous

    So natural, luv it, thanks ^^

  6. Anonymous

    i can't install it. :(

  7. Anonymous

    This is my favorite hair in the game, but the polycount is too high to run smoothly. I know this isn't your fault, but it makes me angry that a short, simple hairstyle has more polys than most of my long hairstyles or even an elaborate ballgown. Thus, I had to delete this in order to play my game.

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