CoolSims Hairs - 60 and 61

Saturday, November 14, 2009 Posted by Sávio

Here are two CoolSims / Anto's hairs I have converted.

Anto 60 is kinda old, but I wanted to share it, anyways... :)

In black hairs, set highlight color to a lighter one. (doing this, you will get better quality)

This one has been released yesterday, and I took all my time to convert it. It was really somehow difficult, 'cause I had many problems with assigning the bones. =/
It is not perfect at all, but I hope you will enjoy it.
Ah, choose a lighter color for highlight rather than same base-hair color. ;D

MediaFire - 4Shared
Ah, by request, I'm now working on making my latest hair (Bacchus) avaiable for children and toddlers. ^^
  1. I like the second one. Thank you! Hope you can make these for children and toddler too.
    And the RosyCloud you like is on my blog now :)

  2. Thanks so much!

    Hm you want the second one to be avaiable for children and toddler, right? I will finish the bacchus hair first, and then try convert this. :)

  3. Anonymous
  4. Well if you can make other hair available to children and toddler, I'd be greatly appreciate :D
    And other people will like that too.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Savio
    Thank U. The 1st hair looks "natural" and very real. Cheers Carlos.

  6. Thank u so much savio i was waiting for someone to do man's hairs again, i hate that stupid makeup mask that is included on the hairs, even though noone else seems to see it i see my sim's skin tone change when i put man's hairs on my sims, so thank you so much for redoing them good job :)

  7. Thanks so much everyone!

    It seems Man's using TSRWorkshop.. So, that might be the reason for the mask. O.0

  8. You do such a wonderful job on your hair! The textures are so beautiful and precise! I know you are busy, but I was wondering if you could convert CoolSims Hair #34 by Anto. Or, do you know if anyone else has converted it? Thank you again so much for sharing your creations with us! We all appreciate your hard work!

  9. Anonymous

    Savio very beautyfuls conversions of hairs,but can you convert the males hairs of coolsims,please,thank you!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Hey, i love the hairs you post up, but i was curious if you remember/could give me a link to the place you got the collar that is on the sim in the "anto 60".
    I would appreciate it a lot, i've been trying to find collars for my sims for awhile.

  11. Anonymous

    Hi! :) I'm wondering if I could convert the Coolsims hair 60 for Males and upload it to MTS, with credits to you, of course!

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