NewSea YU024 - Child and Toddler versions

Saturday, November 28, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Ok, I'd totally forgotten to do this conversion! lol
This is NewSea Yu024 hair, before only avaiable for males and females, teen - elder, but now it is also avaiable for toddlers and children, both genders!
This was requested, but I can't remember who did.
Anyways, there you go!

DOWNLOAD NewSea YU024: Toddler - Child, Male - Female
Enjoy it!! ^^
  1. Lemme know if there are any problems with my files. [Not only those] :)

    Enjoy simming!

  2. Thank you, I love to have more hair for children. And just sent you an email, you should check it :)

  3. judy555/Canada

    This is great, really need more toddler and child hairs. Thank you so very very much. Fantastic.

  4. Anonymous

    How do you download? Do you need winzip and monkey installer for these??!!

  5. Anonymous

    how do u download these? i tryed clicking the pics, didnt work, and the bit at the bottom isnt clickable, HELP!!!

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