My first mesh!!! - Savio Hair 09

Saturday, May 22, 2010 Posted by Sávio
Well, I just finished my first hair mesh! (I tried making a hair many times, but they always come out bad lol) It is not perfect. I don't have any experience with 3d modeling programs. And I'm not Anto, Cazy, Pegy, whoever, so, go easy on me. lol

I don't have much to say.. I'm really, really excited lol

Hm, I think that's all.

Ah, it has around 15k polys! (pretty high, I know, but if it was lower than that, it would look really bad)

Ah, I have uploaded two versions: .package and .sims3pack, but I haven't tried the sims3pack one. A friend of mine asked for it

Hope you like it! (I know it's not as good as you want hairs to be, but there it is hehe) ^^
  1. Great as always. Thanks, Savio:)

  2. Anonymous

    it dont work comes up missin bits

  3. As primeiras meshes da peggy,rose...Eram bem nojentas.Essa nem parece sua primeira :) Tá Ótimo!

  4. "it dont work comes up missin bits"

    what do you mean?

    oh, thanks guys!! :3

  5. Parabéns meu querido Sávio..
    muito lindo acho final de semana..

  6. Mto obrigado Rita!! Bom final de semana pra vc tbm :3

  7. Excelente trabalho, Sávio! Muito diferente dos cabelos irreais e horrorosos que vemos em sites pagos... muito show mesmo! Minha bonecas "realísticas" ficarão o máximo!

  8. Anonymous

    savio thank you greatly for including a simpack version!

  9. Nadia

    You say that this isnt the kind of hair we want,
    ive been looking for a style like this for a very long time. :D
    maybe a wavy version next?

  10. Obrigado, Ana Paula!

    Thanks a lot guys :3

    hm, wavy.. I don't have much experience with 3d programs, but I will try make something wavy ^^

  11. Anonymous

    This hair is absolutely beautiful. It doesn't stick out or away from the body at weird angles and the way it falls over the shoulder is perfect. I want to download it so bad, but too many polys for me. I just felt the need to tell you good job.

  12. Anonymous

    I really, really like it... Especially for a first try! Most hair for The Sims is very nice, but people don't actually wear their hair like it. This is a great hair that looks realistic and like the average girl would have.

  13. Anonymous

    Can you please put this on 4shared also? media fire is not working for me :(

  14. This is so nice! A great first mesh, but is there any way this could be for men, also? If not, i'm still going to have fun using this for my Sim ladies. Thanks for sharing this, Savio!

  15. Anonymous

    i praise you lol great work

  16. Anonymous

    Thanks.Hope that in your future creations you will also upload in both formats(sims3pack & package file).

  17. It looks beautiful and very realistic.

  18. Kazz

    It's really pretty and natural! It doesn't look like your first mesh ever. :D Good job.

    Will the front of the hair morph with fatter bodies, bigger breasts, etc?

  19. I love how natural it looks. Very pretty.

  20. You've done really well, if it looks this good in game it'll be my new favourite!

    Thanks :)

  21. Oh wow, applauds for you on getting your first own mesh working! *claps hands* That's GREAT start, you'll be very good if you just continue practicing :) I like how simple, yet pretty this hair is ♥ Not big poofy and weird like Peggy's :P

  22. Anonymous

    Lovely classic. I really like the way her hair falls over her shoulder and follows her body instead of sticking out at an unnatural angle in profile view. That is a problem that has kept me away from many designers' long hair styles. Thanks for the sim3pack, too

  23. Anonymous

    it dont show and its crap and so are u face

  24. This hair is beautiful... You're very talented. ^_^ I don't know why people are saying it doesn't show up, it works fine for me.

  25. Anonymous

    very good I love your new and first mesh I love I love!!! Your coversíons are very very good too so ,can you convert the hair of coolsims number 46?? and can you retexture too please please please!!! It is very beautifull.
    But the hair of coolsims number 46 with recolorable accesory If you can please please!!!

  26. Anonymous

    Your first mesh is very very beautifull I love your hair and your conversions so, can you convert the hair of coolsims number 46?? and can you retexture too please please please!!! It is very beautifull.
    But the hair of coolsims number 46 with recolorable accesory If you can please please!!!

  27. Anonymous

    Wonderful hair, love it I'm pretty sure it will become one of my favourite hairstyle. Thanks so much for creaating it !
    It doesn't look like a first mesh !!

  28. Your best work ever.

  29. This is AMAZING -- you outdid yourself! Very natural (and exactly what my hair looked like a few days ago). Great job Savio, I can't wait to see more meshes from you.

  30. Anonymous

    This hair is really nice!! I like how simple and natural it is!! Bravo for your very first mesh!!

  31. Anonymous

    Links are not working anymore :(

  32. Thanks a lot guys!! :D

    Anon above, weird, they work for me! Try using another browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer (I'm using it right now), Opera...

  33. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this ! Beautiful ! You should upload to multiupload. It provide many links on different hosters and no one will bother you with "I can't download" !

    And just to say that filebox links aren't working anymore and so can you replace the links here:

    Thank you so much for that !

  34. thank you so much!!

  35. Anonymous

    this is a wonderful, lovely hair mesh! extremely good for a first :D

  36. latino_19

    OH MY GOD!!! YOU ARE BETTER THAN PEGGY, ANTO, AND THE REST! Really, this is the best hair of all The sims 3 game! I was waiting for a hairstyle like this many many time! Just a straight hair, simple and perfect! You should continue doing this and sharing your creations with all of us! Now I have a new idol! and thats you! :P Sorry for my English, Im from Canary Islands, Spain. Greetings from here and thank you very much!


  37. Anonymous


    Beautiful hair, i luv the simplicity of it, its my favorite hair, how ever this is only one problem with it, the sides of the hair that hang of the shoulders is just way too short, i mean its beautiful, but if its not to much trouble could you PLEASE make the side of the hair longer PLEAD

  38. Thank you very much for sharing. I love it!

  39. Lindsey

    It is beautiful! I've been looking for hair like this since the Sims 3 came out. Thank you so much for your effort :)

  40. A May
  41. Anonymous
  42. Ameri

    This is beautiful! One problem though, I can't seem to download it. I click the "download now" thingy but my usual downloads pop-up thingy doesn't open. I'm using Firefox, btw. Can you maybe upload it to another site too?

  43. Anonymous

    Great job! I loved all your hairs so far! Thank you for sharing them! :) Best wishes!

  44. Great hair but perhaps start using another uploading server than Mediafire? I have found all downloads of sims 3 stuff (lipsticks and hair styles) have not been downloading. Some sort of cap for counrties downloading from the server. Perhaps 4 Share is a better choice?

  45. I love it! Great job! :)

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