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Sunday, May 9, 2010 Posted by Sávio
Well, after seeing lots of people requesting hairs to be converted here and there, I decided to create a post for requests. So, you guys can post your hair requests here, and only here!

The 'most requested hairs' will be done first, but don't worry if you're the only one who requested X hair - it will be eventually converted (I don't really know when, but it will lol)

Important to say that I will convert them as soon as I have time. (I won't take a whole day to convert everything, 'cause I have school. (sometimes I have morning and evening classes, so, when I get home, I'm RELLY tired)). So, be aware that it may/shall take some days for me to fill your request!

That's it. Start making your hair-requests, in case you have any. :3

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  1. I would love you forever if you could convert Raon M17 and/or this alpha edit. I use a bunch of your conversions in-game and it would be amazing if you could do this one. ♥

  2. OMG! I am so glad you're taking requests! Here are my requests: Hair #30
    Peggy #005013
    Peggy #003930
    Peggy #003533
    Peggy #002517

    Ok, so thats way too many, but there it is anyway XD.

  3. Anonymous

    Ok, so I'll repeat that from other older post - anto hairs (coolsims) numbers 25, 35 and 42 if you will be that nice, they still aren't anywhere.

  4. I would love it if you could convert this ones:
    Thank you! : )

  5. Oh I forgot! xD
    this ones too if you can:
    Thanks again! (;

  6. Mar

    (My last comment didn't appear? I hope I don't double post, lol)

    This Nouk male hair was awesome and we're lacking really good male hair in Sims 3 in my opinion!

    And this female ones are beautiful too:

    Thanks for even looking at these, a huge thank you if you consider converting any! :D I would really love the male one. *hopeful*

  7. Evie, I didn't find all the hairs you requested. Could you please post the links?



    I've been asking for this one everywhere...>.<

  9. Mar

    I think these ones are interesting too:

    I just noticed you were the one who converted Nouk's Rockabilly hair. You're officially my hero. xD Boy, do I love that hair. I miss Nouk so much as an artist.

  10. Oh sorry, I didn't mean to forget the links! XD

    As for the peggy hair, I'm unsure where I found them at. So I'll have to get back to you when I do find them [:

  11. I am so glad you're taking requests 2
    It would be really nice if you can convert one of these ^o^
    Cool Sims

  12. Hahahh me again, and I wanted to request only one LOL
    These are really old but 4 me one of the most amazing hairs in sims 2

  13. Ooh, thank you for this!

    Um, just one request from me, it's one I absolutely love, and it'd be lovely if you'd convert it into a Sims 3 hair:
    Raonjena's male hair 36.

    One again, thank you for taking requests (:

  14. I would like braids :)

  15. Hi Savio, thanks for taking requests! I just have a few requests:

    Coolsims Anto hair 26

    Thank you so much again!

  16. According to Anubis360, you already converted Raon Female 37 for TS3 for teens and up, but I'm having trouble locating it. Is there any chance you can point me in the right direction?

    As for an actual conversion request... Rose 107?

    I tried to find the mesh itself on rosesims, but nothing came up, so maybe it's a different Rose. I really have no idea.

    Thank you for your wonderful conversions. c:

  17. Anonymous

    Hi :) Thanks for this "request-topic"
    months ago, I edited meshes from Sims 2 Hairs and now I want them back in TS3 , so can you convert some of my creations please?

    from that site:

    this hair:

    the Mesh is RAON hair 28
    and this one, mesh by xmsims is linked.

    and please do this Raon hair:

    Hair 30

    Hair 26

    would be nice, thanks!!! :)


    all ages. Thanks, Savio :)

  19. Anonymous

    I think the best would be, if you start to convert raonhairs.... that are the best :D

  20. Anonymous
    It would be so fantastico
    Anyway, Thank you very much for your beautiful converted hairs, they are so amazing >w<


  21. Anonymous

    Hey ;-) Please can you convert:
    Peggy hair #001282

    And Rose Hairs:



  22. Jade

    Cool! Finally someone who takes requests!
    Anyways, I've been trying to simify (?) the Kaulitz twins from Tokio Hotel and both are nearly done, BUT, Bill needs hair! If you could convert this to S3, I will love you forever!


  23. Anonymous

    Thank you very much for taking the time to converting CC to the sims 3 and taking requests!
    I would be so grateful if you had time to convert male hair 55 from CoolSims:

    Thanks Again!


  24. Anonymous

    I'm gonna request the exact same thing as Aqua ;)

  25. Anonymous

    I don't have a specific conversion but if anyone knows of one, i would LOVE a VERY short hair for men, as short as your hair or shorter savio. I have not been able to find one ANYWHERE!!! Please please PLEASE!!!

  26. Anonymous

    Thank uuu!!!!

  27. Anonymous

  28. Mya

    Hey, my name is Mya hopefully you aren't too overwhelmed and can get to my request. The Mesh -->
    (short curly fades).


  29. Anonymous

    Hello! I miss some hair of final fantasy, like Cloud and Zack! Can you convert them?


  30. Anonymous

    Hey Savio i think all of your conversions are amazing, and the was one hair that has always been my favorite and i was wondering if you would be able to convert it, not that my request is gonna stand out to you since there are so many other people that are requesting but if you could find the time could you convet this one LINK:

  31. Anonymous

    Hi Savio! You're so fast with conversions =O When i do one, it takes ages for me. xD
    So i have some requests for you. =) (High priority to me)

    Woah, this is much! Sorry! But Rose's hairs are DELICIOUS! Just take your time, and do what you want to do. Thanks!!

  32. Anonymous
    I can't seem to find any SimCribbling conversions anywhere. ;_; Please~?

  33. Anonymous

    Raon 69 and 46 - hair download link is broken.
    Filebox seems to be out of business.
    Can you replace the links?

  34. Anonymous


    please and thank you

  35. Could you do
    If you could i'd be really happy :)

  36. Kitty

    Could you please do
    I'm starting to find I miss most of Raon's hairs.
    Thank you so much for taking requests!

  37. Sald

    Hi Savio. I want to say thank you for the hard work you do converting hair. =)

    Whenever you have time, could you convert Raon Sim female hair no. 25?

  38. Iken

    Hi Savio. I was wondering if you could convert this if ever you have time. It's a hat-flipped-backwards hair. I love flipping hats but Sims never has this hair :(

    If it was possible and not asking too much, would it be possible if this hair was converted for females teen-elder too? If not, just for guys is fine.

    Whenever you have time and thanks for all the current hair you've converted!

  39. Hola Savio, I am greatly thankful for all of your hard work and I am truly a DIE HARD FAN, I just came across this lovely little number over at it is the:Cool Sims 27 Chokelated Neons. and would love it so much if you would add this hair conversion as well.

  40. Anonymous

    I would like to request a hair please
    Thank You! :D

  41. Anonymous

    Savio i love you so much
    Sou portugues e fã do teu site
    Peço-te para converteres este hair para garota e sims 3 :
    É o meu preferido de todos os hairs!!!!!!!!

  42. cewekbego

    Hello, Savio.
    Greetings from Indonesia.
    Sims 3 modders in my country are talking about your amazing retexture skills.
    Even my 30years.old brothers can't do things like you did. You're awesome. :D
    Then i'm glad to see you opening the request post.

    okay, *cough* straight to the point.

    Im sure you can retexture the NEWSEA(YU)'s Britney Hair.

    Please, if you have some freetime, i've hopefully you do the retexturing.

    Thanks so much.
    Arigatou gozaimasta.

  43. I was wondering if you were still up for taking requests? I certainly do not want to bother you, but if you happen to have time in your busy schedule, could you think to convert a hair from female to male? The hair has already been converted to the Sims 3 by Rose, for females only...(( ))

    (( ))

    If you're interested, I would really love the hair for males. A friend of mine converted it to males for TS2 (( )), if you're interested in a male conversion already done.

    Again, I apologize for taking up your time, and hope you would consider making the male version for TS3 one day when you have the time. Have a nice day!^^

  44. yoyoilluser, I have converted that hair myself (I don't like how Rose's version looks), and I'll make a F2M conversion right now. :)

  45. Killc*a

    It would be great if you could do some rose hairs also for children:

    Rose 88 and Rose 90 for child girls

    Rose 89 for child and toddler girls

    I would be really happy if I could use your versions for the little ones instead of Rose's! Your conversions are much better.

    Thanks, Killc*a

  46. Hey I would love it if you could please convert these hairs from :

    Thanks :)

  47. I really want some ethnic hair for my games,could u please convert these for TS3? thanks :)

  48. Anonymous

    Hello, Tum tum !

    I love that Peggy hair Tum Tum made :

    That's almost mine in the real life... lol

    But it's a bit too long :S

    I have a request ; could you shorten it a little bit like this :

    please ?

    It would be super !
    Thanks in advance... :)

  49. Anonymous

    I would like a conversion of this hair

  50. Anonymous

    I'm sure these requests have already been posted but it can't hurt to put it twice:




    Thank you for considering these requests.

  51. Anonymous

    Savio podias converter o rose 71 dos sims 2 para sims 3 !?!???!!!? O hairstyle é lindo!!!!!

  52. Anonymous

    Hi! Can you please recolor/retexture Raon Male 40 conversion?

    Thank you so much!

  53. I love your work and I am currently looking for a hair that I believe you created but I cant find it anywhere. I really want this hair back could you please help me? I left this message in the wrong spot earlier so I apologize for that.

  54. Anonymous

    Hello. I would like a conversion of this hair:

    Thank you so much!!

  55. Anonymous

    I'd love to see the Anto #52 for men and the 8kSims #01 for men converted for TS3. Been looking around on the internet and can't seem to find either one of them.

  56. tenshiak

    Hi :) could you please convert Anto 38? (there is already a conversion at MTS, but it's not a very good one, it looks nice in the picture (probably photoshopped) but it's completely different in the game, and I like your conversions very much and I'm sure yours would be much better)

  57. Anonymous

    Hello love your website here but can'tyou make more sims- pack hairs? or are they difficult.. :D

  58. Anonymous

    Ok I don't know anything about conversion/meshing/texture or anything but Sims 3 is lacking hair for people with other hair texture other than straight. This site had a great sims 2 collection

    on this page

    I was wondering if you could convert

    The Wrap-up
    The Queen
    The Fade

    If you or someone you know could work on these, I'd be grateful.

  59. You did a great job converting Nouk's dread hairstyles so I thought I'd ask you to convert these:

    I'd appreciate it so much!

  60. Anonymous

    I'd like to have some Rose hairs, you already converted for adult, for children, too:

    Rose 88 for children
    Rose 90 for children
    Rose 89 for children and toddlers
    Rose 98 for children and toddlers

    This would be great! (And perhaps this age conversions aren't as much work as a completely new conversion)

    Thank you so much for your work!

  61. Anonymous

    I would be really happy of you uploaded more stuff as sims3packs. I can't install packages whatever I do : (

  62. Anonymous

    Can you possibly convert Anto's hair 33? It's the second one on this page.
    Thank you!

  63. Anonymous

    Do you take requests that are not conversions?

  64. Anonymous

    Could make some medium sized afros and some short dreads.

  65. Anonymous

    can you make shoulder length hair which are very straight with shiny highlight?

  66. Anonymous

    Hello Sàvio I love your hair conversions. This hair is beautifull I see in a request of Anubis but Anubis said that He doesn´t go to retexture.

  67. Hi, Savio. I enjoy your creations. I was wondering if you could make a hair like Zooey's. I mean, Zooey Deschanel. It would be appreciated.

  68. Justinn

    U should make a straight hair style!

  69. Anonymous

    When you have time, could you convert
    I would be really happy!

  70. Anonymous

    Savio, could you make a ryo visual?

  71. Anonymous

    I was looking for a good conversion of Raon 82 hairstyle for men but I couldn't find anything good as yours..So please convert Raon 82 for males..The Anubis' one is no longer avabalive..

  72. Anonymous

    please convert these :D your awesome!
    they are old peggy sims hairs, i think they numbers 44 and 33

  73. eve
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  74. eve
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  75. ~Ally~

    Wow, thats a long list of requests, I hate to add on all them, but I only have one, but I think someone else has done it for sims 3, and if so, please tell me where:) I know you have converted peggy 4669, but I wonder if anyone has done it for child? and if it has not u could look in to it... lol I'm sorry for adding on :(

  76. Hi there, seems like you have been getting lots of requests xD Anyway... I was wondering if it's possible to convert these Sims 2 hairs into Sims 3:

    It would be totally awesome if you could find the time to do this, even though you might be busy :)
    Thankyou so much in advance!

  77. Adrian

    for the Peggy Special Gift September 08 im begging do you have this in .sims3packs....please if you do...please upload it

  78. Hi could you make these hair: and I would appreciate very much the download page is xm sims 2, I hope you help me, I appreciate it. Greetings.

  79. Melanie

    This was one of my favorite hair items from Sims 2 and I was hoping you could possibly help me. Thank you. :)

  80. Anonymous

    I was wondering if you would please convert three hairs for me that I need for character sims.

    The first one is XMsims Hair 70. It's the first one on this page:

    The second one is this with an edited alpha:
    If the alpha is a problem, the original is here: or

    And the last one is this: or

    If you could do these, I would be forever grateful. Thank you for your consideration.

  81. Anonymous

    Could you convert these? Please...

  82. Sooo many comments.
    Do you convert Sims 2 hairs?
    I'd LOVE Brandi Broke's hair in my Sims 3 game. I've attempted to make it myself but I suck at meshing and UV mapping. I've got an okay mesh but the textures suck I think because of the mapping.

  83. Are you still doing requests? I am desperately looking for a backwards hat with long hair for a man, I have looked everywhere because I am trying to make a really good looking Jay and Silent bob (I thought it would be really cool to have them living in one of my mansions..) My email is if you feel up to helping me out! ^ ^

  84. I don't know if you are still taking requests, but
    I guess it's worth a try.

    I have seen this hair almost everywhere, in particular on YouTube in Sims 2 series etc.

    Apparently it was VERY popular in Sims 2, and have wondered why nobody bothered to Convert it for Sims 3. I asked the creator, who told me he would give it a try, he started it, showed me the progress and said it needed a little more work here and there etc. He said he could no longer complete it due to College and therefore told me to go elsewhere and ask around.

    The hair is called "MeanScene" and it can be found at ModTheSims:

    I hope you can convert it, I am sick of looking around.

  85. Anonymous

    Hi! I hope your still taking requests! :)
    I was wondering, could you, please, convert the Rose 71b (the female hair, which is on one side) I've always thought, that it's gorgeous, and it was my favorite hair in TS2. I actually tried to convert it myself, but I failed completely. :D

    link to the download ;
    (it includes 2 files, 71b is the right one)

    I hope you'll convert it,

  86. Anonymous

    I hope too that you are still taking requests.
    Please, can you convert these three?
    Thank you in advance, Savio. Your work is truly amazing!


  87. Anonymous


    Do you still taking requests???

    Then please can you convert the hair of the 'Lady in Red? - She is the last one in the picture.

    Thank you in advance.


  88. Well O___O Quite many requests so far...
    I only have a little one, i tried it myself but i failed ^-^'
    It's a female hair from the Sims 3 base game.
    This one:
    (The Hair from the Girl with the Blue-White Shirt)

    However, i NEED this hair for men, too xD
    Please, i'm begging you :(

  89. Hi. I have used this hair when I was playing Sims 2 & now that I've jumped on to Sims 3, I hope you can convert this hair.

    I have requested this from others but I understand if they are busy doing other requests. So I truly hope you can convert this hair to Sims 3 not just for me, but also for others who are requesting this.

    Here is the PHOTO:

    Here is the MESH:

    Thank you very much.

    All the Best,

    La Pacita

  90. Hello Savio. Firstly congratulations on your creations are fantastic. I ask that you please make a version in which the hair is completely smooth. I would be very grateful.

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