Requested Raon's and Anto's hairs

Thursday, May 13, 2010 Posted by Sávio
Hey everyone!

Well, I converted some of the hairs that were requested in my 'hair requests' posting, and here they are.

Some of them are (sorta) old, so, the textures aren't so freakin' awesome. (feel free to retexture, though)

So, let's begin!

Raon 54



Anto 25



Anto 30



Anto 42



Anto 63 (for males!)



Well, that's all for today. Hope you enjoy them all! :)
  1. Anonymous

    AWESOME!! *Just don't like the texture.. :#*

  2. Anonymous

    I LOVE the first one! I tried to convert it so many times and quitted because of the polycount... is it still high?

  3. Mar

    Wonderful job! I'm in love with the first Raon, looks so sweet.

  4. Anonymous

    Or was it because it has curls in the texture? Can't remember now XD

  5. Savio, didn't you do early versions of the first and third? I can't find them in your tag.

  6. thank you! thank you! thank you! they're lovely XD.

  7. Is the first hair as high poly as it was in TS2? I loved that hair, but I remember it was one of the highest poly counts of any TS2 hair.

  8. MS3B, nope, I didn't! I did post a preview of the first one, but I didn't share it.

    Anubis, it's around 18k polys! and yeah, it has curls in the texture, so, it might be both reasons?

  9. Krystan, yeah, it's quite high poly, but it does not have the highest poly count ever. (Anto's hair are quite detailed, so, they have high poly counts)

    BTW, I did make the LOD1 (as well as LOD2 and LOD3), so don't worry if think your PC can't handle it.

  10. Anonymous

    I dont get the option to download on could you post an alternate downloading link please?

  11. Anonymous

    Oh! I'm sure it's both reasons! XD
    Looks so lovely... and so hard to retexture as well... you won this controls battle Sav! :P

  12. Anonymous

    I cant download the hairs! Mediafire wont load for me!

  13. Amei todos Sávio :p

  14. Anonymous

    ugh nevermind i got it on another computer in the housem thanks for the work savio

  15. Anonymous

    Can You Post Raon Hair on 4shared?Because Ican't Download at Mediafire..

  16. Anonymous

    the hairstyles are fantastic! and they work in the showers and bathtubs! thank you!

  17. Lautaro

    I want some hair for the sims 3 newsea well I tell you I really want NewSea Labyrinth, NewSea Lady, NewSea Wishing Tree, Laurie and NewSea Chic

  18. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for Coolsims hair 30! I need it for Lisa Garland! <3333

  19. @Lautaro: Those are already converted, this isn't a file sharing page

  20. Anonymous

    can you make it a sims3pack?

  21. Anonymous

    Savio are you planning on doing anymore of nouk's (or anyone else's) ethnic hairs? The games are severely lacking in them and you do such a good job in converting them.


  22. NICE!!! I' m making a story for my blogsite and the hairs in the game are just not cutting it. PROPS TO YOU. I will make sure I give you credit

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