Nouk Dreads Updo

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 Posted by Sávio
We have a lack of dread hairs in Sims3, so, I converted this amazing hair made by the awesome Nouk!

Hope you'll like it!! :D

Nouk Dreads Updo

DOWNLOAD Nouk Dreads Updo
  1. Anonymous

    Loves it!
    would you mind fixing this one?

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you so much! I've been craving this hair since Nouk released it on MTS. It looks wonderful. It's going straight in my game <3.

    Out of curiosity, would it be possible to make a male version as well?

  3. Anonymous

    Agreed that we need more dreads! Wonderful work, as always.

    Nouk did another dreads set I'd love to have in my TS3 game as well. I can never seem to have enough :)!

  4. K

    Lovely, Nouk was my favourite S2 artist! But please, could you post the polycount? I'm kind of afraid of graphic card implosion, lol.

  5. Anonymous

    I want to download but I'd like to know the poly count before I do. Do you know what it is?

  6. It's 5873 polys. :) I didn't post the poly count cuz it's not something to worry about, since it's pretty low poly. hehe

    First anon, I did convert that one, but I kinda don't like how it looks. Here's a shot:
    Not sure if I'm going to upload it.

    Oh, and I will convert this one: and make a male version as well. :)

  7. Oh, forgot the link:

  8. Hey Sav, I've converted the other one and it's ready for upload at MTS (I just need Nouk's permission, since she changed her TOU) so you don't have to do it, at least for females :) (I didn't do it for males)
    Thanks! ^-^

  9. lizbethbear

    "First anon, I did convert that one, but I kinda don't like how it looks. Here's a shot:
    Not sure if I'm going to upload it."

    Umm...I think it looks gorgeous :D I hope you upload it pretty pretty please

  10. I don't know if these are possible, but I figured I'd throw some requests out there. That one I'd like, but without the bangs if possible.
    This one I've been hoping for since TS3 came out, but I haven't seen anyone convert it yet.
    And this is the last one. There's really not enough ethnic hair out there and I really don't like dreads, so I've been wanting braids. The braids that came with TS3 look really fake, so I've been hoping for these three Nouk hairs to make it to TS3.

  11. Anonymous
    Will look awful, the textures of the ponytail are photoskinned and already look blurry in sims 2. Trust me this will not look nice at all.
    was already done by someone but I can't find it, feel free to do it again but be sure to include bumpmapping for the braids!!!! Otherwise it won't look nice.
    Might look nice, not sure. Be sure to use bumpmapping for that one as well... also making the part that's on the 'skull' might not be very easy.

    xxx Nouk

  12. OMG! This is slammin' needs to be in my game are amazing~

  13. Anonymous

    how do you install the hair???

  14. Anonymous

    Hey, would it be possible for you to make this specific dread hairstyle available for male sims?

  15. Can you please fix the front for me? I used these hairs b4 but that's the only thing I didn't like in them :( the rest is great though, love the texture!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous, thank you <3

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