Peggy 4669

Monday, August 16, 2010 Posted by Sávio

This was requested.

Well, I think this hair looks actually really cute. There is other conversion of it, but I thought I should try it myself. hehe

Anyway, I hope you like it. :)

Peggy 4669

DOWNLOAD Peggy 4669
  1. Finally! it looks lovely Sav! ♥

  2. Anonymous
  3. Anonymous

    You did a great job!I love it!

  4. Anonymous

    hiya is this a high poly mesh? :)

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Savio,
    Please im begging you, please convert peggy hair
    001286 (not such a high poly count if possible)

    Please please please im begging!!!!! ;-)

  6. <33 So glad you reconverted this! Aikea's was a bit too high on the head for my likings :D

    Savio, is there someway I can privately contact you? The Contact Me page doesn't work, so yea :P

  7. Anonymous

    Savio, I was wondering if you could do this request for me?

    I'm not very good at converting hairs, but you are amazing! Could you please do this request?

  8. Anonymous

    Oh yes, Peggy 001286 will be amazing for sims 3.
    Please do that one Savio :)

  9. Anonymous

    I love it! Could you convert this one:

  10. Anonymous

    OMW that peggy 001286 would be perfect for my game!
    Please convert it savio

  11. Anonymous

    hi ! nice hair , but where can i download the dress ?

  12. Anonymous

    Okay i downloaded it but now what do i do. . .Please tell me this works on macs and not just pc!

  13. Chicki

    Sav can you make this a sim3pack and can you tell me whats the skins you use because they really are cute and what is the hair color because of the red

  14. #MK

    It looks lovely Sav!
    Apart that you can actually pierce someon with those braids! xD
    Just imagine how cool it would be if EA implemented hair animations!
    Oh.. I can dream.. can't I!?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.
  16. Manda

    How do you download this??

  17. Anonymous

    can you make a sims3pack file for this? Thanks. :)

  18. where can i download the model?

  19. Where can I get this dress?

  20. Anonymous

    Is this available for toddlers & children as well?

  21. Anonymous

    please can someone tell me hoe to install this into my game i have sims 3 and i already downloaded stuff but i dont know where to put it

  22. Anonymous

    Comment télécharger ?

  23. Anonymous

    hi how can i download this i :) love it

  24. Anonymous
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