Peggy 06735

Saturday, August 7, 2010 Posted by Sávio

Okay, Peggy released this earlier, but I wasn't satisfied with the bow thingy. I couldn't take it away by editing the hair mesh, cause you know, you can't import most of her meshes into MilkShape. (she must use some other tool, like Maya, to make her Sims3 hairs)

I found it so cute (except for the bow), that I re-converted and Pooklet'd it! No dark textures and even darker roots anymore!

Anubis is working on his version, no bow and no bump. (mine has no bow whatsoever, but it does have the bump on)

So, I hope you like it. :D

Oh, I will be releasing a Child and Toddlers version later on. :)

WARNING 1: This hair is HIGH POLY - around 21k polys. So, if your PC can't handly HP hairs, do NOT download it.

WARNING 2: When you sim moves their head, the hair will look really bad. This hair is different, so, the bone assignments didn't come out good. So, BE ADVISED.

Peggy 06735

DOWNLOAD Peggy 06735
  1. Anonymous

    Can you tell me whose eyes are you using on your model?? It's very cute... Thanks. :)

  2. They're Shady's (MTS). ^^

  3. Anonymous

    great hair like always savio!!

  4. Anonymous

    savio can you retexture/edit the anto 32 hair please.for some reason it comes up bald in my game.

  5. Thanks Savio!
    Your version is my favorite! Keep up the amazing work.

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