Rose 98

Monday, August 9, 2010 Posted by Sávio
So... hey. :D

New hair here. Yeah, another Rose conversion. Improved textures and mesh, and no transparency issues whatsoever. :)

btw, here are the filenames of Rose's version (which looks really bad - nothing new, I know, just sayin'):


I hope you like it!

Rose 98

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  1. Lovely! Can't wait to use this. I love your highlighting/blending technique. By far the prettiest and most realistic I've seen.

  2. Gorgeous!
    I love all your work!

  3. I love your work and I am currently looking for a hair that I believe you created but I cant find it anywhere. I really want this hair back could you please help me?

  4. Oh, it's not mine. It was done by Cazy [ ]. :)

  5. Thank you Savio. Looks great.

  6. Anonymous

    Would be great for children, too.

  7. hi, where can i get the sims model?, the girl is very cute.

  8. Anonymous

    I love this hair! But how do you download and use it? ):

  9. Hair style is looks so cute to me. This is a rocking picture. Really I love it. Thanks for this allocation.

  10. Anonymous

    I am currently looking for a hair that I believe you created. eid sms messages l independence day messages l ramadan greeting text

  11. how do you download rar files? ive tried downloading that winrar opener but it says you have to pay for it. is there any other way? plz reply soon

  12. Beautiful colour, I like, I want to have a try.

  13. nice post, i like, thanks for sharing.

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