Peggy 0178 (Child and Toddler version) Pooklet'd

Sunday, August 8, 2010 Posted by Sávio
So, a few people asked for this. I didn't actually convert my no-bow version to toddlers and children, I simply picked Peggy's versions and imported my textures into them. (that means you can have only one version in your game)

The bow actually looks cute on children and toddlers, so, that was the main reason I didn't age-convert my version, that I did take the bow out.

So, I hope you like it!

Oh, thanks Pooklet for textures!

(sorry for the creepy sims, I suck at sim-making, and I am even worse when it comes to toddlers and children lol)

Peggy 0178 Retexture

DOWNLOAD Peggy 0178 Retexture
  1. Mah

    Coloquei esse e outro download no meu site, com os devidos créditos, é claro. Espero que não se importe, mas se tiver algum problema, aqui está o link:

  2. Anonymous

    That is SO cute, I love it! Thank you Savio <3<3

  3. Really this hair cutting is so nice to me. I'm really pleased to see this. I will try it now. I think it is specially for black hair. Thanks!!!

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