Anto 53

Thursday, October 1, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Hey there!

I only saw this yesterday after posting the Rose 79 conversion.

I got started converting it yesterday, but I had headhache and was really sick. But I am better today, and finished it.

In any event, here it is:

It is teen through elder, and only for females. (you can see it looking at the file name: TYAAE-F [ T for teen, YA for young adult, A for adult, E for elder, and F cause it is for females ])

DOWNLOAD Anto 53 (please, read the .txt file included in the .rar if you download it)

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Anto, thanks for the wonderful mesh and let me converting and sharing your hairs. ;)

Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Anonymous

    WOW anto is doing a great job.. and so are you, savio! love it to pieces!!!1

  2. This just might be my favorite hair yet:) Thank you, Savio.

  3. Anonymous

    lovely! i love antos hairs rofl

  4. Anonymous

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