NewSea - YU18F Bell

Thursday, October 29, 2009 Posted by Sávio
NewSea YU18F Bell

DOWNLOAD NewSea 18F Bell
  1. And once again, thank you:)

  2. Anonymous

    You should try 2 make cuter hairs
    like raon hairs
    you're amazing in what you do, the hairs look perfect but they are not soo pretty.
    So please look for cuter hairs : )

  3. Anonymous

    Te amo Savio, gracias

  4. Anonymous

    dont worry for newsea and their donations,
    in simscave you can get them for free

    so focus on new hairs, newsea hairs are kinda japanese hairs, and they are not that pretty
    (except for the maple that one)
    : )

  5. Anonymous

    try this ones : ) ;
    raon female hair 75
    raon female hair 77
    raon female hair 68
    raon female hair 63
    raon female hair 53
    raon female hair 40

    it looks like hermione granger *-*

  6. Anonymous

    All the people who say look for prettier hairs, why dont you go look for hair? You cant tell Savio what kind of hair to convert, they may do as they please. I like all your conversions & thanks for even doing them , if you dont like it DONT DOWNLOAD IT simple as that. Otherwise keep silly comments like that to yourself and look for hair you want.

  7. Anonymous

    I'm not asking for your opinion
    and i'm telling savio to convert pretty hairs
    i'm not pushing him to convert them
    just if he wants to

  8. Eita, guerra do inglês macarrônico, aqui! :-P

    Sávio, mil obrigadas, esse cabelo eu acho que nem conhecia! Acho ótimo ter variedade, incluindo do tipo "não modelento internacional capa de revista". Né?

  9. Verdade... rsrs Sempre tem isso.. hehe
    (nem me meto a propósito *cofcof* rs)

    E vc não conhecia? Quando ele saiu, eu ri tanto.. lol Mas como tenho contatos (rs), me mandaram os cabelos pagos do newsea pra mim. (o penultimo meu, esse, e mais dois - um é aquele grande [enorme], que parece coisa de mangá, e outro é um preso atrás)

  10. Anonymous

    SAVIO! I think I'm totally in love with what you do! You're awesome!!

  11. Thank You very much! ~ It's so fabulous :)

  12. Anonymous

    Parabéns, seu trabalho é maravilhoso!

  13. XUXU

    Adoro seu trabalho, é maravilhoso!!
    Voce tem muito talento.
    Muito obrigada!!

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