Toys Pack + Hand Chair

Friday, October 16, 2009 Posted by Sávio

I have tried to convert some objects... So, here is a pack with five toys (they are decorative only) and a hand chair. :)

They don't look that good. Those were my first attempts at converting objects...

Ah, thanks a bunch for Wes' plugins! Man, without him, I don't know what we would do. lol

Well, that's all. Hope you like it! Ah, they have custom thumbnails. They cost 26 (each toy - also, original by Exnem). The chair.. I don't remember how much it is. Sorry...



4Shared - - MediaFire

Here is the Hand Chair. (striped patterns might not look good) It is originally by 4ESF.


4Shared - - MediaFire

  1. This all looks great. I love the chair...wasn't expecting this:)

  2. Anonymous

    The patterns on the chair are so disorted. And I wonder if you have permission from 4ESF?

  3. Anonymous

    I really love Winnie the Pooh ^^

  4. Anonymous
  5. Savio,
    You are such an amazing guy! Your work is just getting better and better. You give of yourself freely without asking for a dime, you have obviously been raised well. Thank you for sharing your talents with the community.

  6. Anonymous
  7. Anonymous

    You did a wonderful job for your first try.Congrats,I wouldn't pay attention to the person who said your pattern was distorted,little busybody anyway.

  8. Anon above, no, some patterns may really look distorted. Mainly striped ones. And Anon #1, no, I tried to contact them, but I didn't manage how.

  9. Anonymous

    Wow thank you so much! Ur truly talented ;)

  10. Janir

    I was looking forward to this!
    Thank you a lot!!
    Btw, I think guys from 4ESF would love the hand chair too!

  11. Anonymous

    "They don't look that good"

    Seriously? I don't know if you're looking at the same objects as me but they look fantastic! :D

  12. Sigourney

    I love Moogles!! omg! :D

  13. Anonymous

    I like it but can you make them like the teddybear. Thank You!

  14. Anonymous

    Hey Savio, awesome awesome work! Want to ask--is it tougher to change the mesh of the teddy bear into these pooh characters? Absolutely LOVE the moogle and the others, but I wish babies could play with them! Thank you for your amazing work!!! You rock the stars!

  15. Alys

    Oi Sávio...Muito obrigada..gosto muito desta cadeira...Adorei! Muá

  16. SantaClaus

    Hello Savvo :D
    I think i agree with the other people.
    Make them work like the tedddybear :D?

  17. Anonymous

    Downloading. Thankyou so much.

  18. what a fabulous post

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