YU29F - Bliss

Saturday, October 24, 2009 Posted by Sávio
NewSea - YUF 29 - AKA Bliss

Teen through Elder - Only female

Use highlight option to change the shine.

( Click to enlarge. :) )

  1. Anonymous

    This looks really pretty ^w^ Thank You

  2. be perfect friend Savio

  3. Anonymous

    olá, eu queria fazerte só uma pequena pergunta que era se tu tens este cabelo para o the sims 2 pork só se consegue convertelo se o tiveres não é assim? Se o tiveres porfavor nao te importarias de o compartilhar comigo pelo menos, o cabelo do the sims 2 bliss, pork ando à muito tempo à procura dele. Responde porfavor.... ´
    Abraço de Portugal.......

  4. Teddybearmafia

    Hello Savio! I really like your conversions. I know you dont do requests but I thought Id try because I really want to make a self sim but i have very curly hair. I'll get the permissions for you if you consider converting this. It would be much appreiated.

    Here is the link if your interested:

    sorry if this is misplaced, i dont know how else to contact you

  5. Anonymous
  6. Thank you Sávio, You really did it :)

  7. thanks for Sávio ^^ and nice to meet you~~

  8. Savio, if you have time, pls check your hotmail account, I sent u one more.

  9. B

    Beautiful, thank you.

  10. Anonymous

    Great style and a beautiful conversion, thank you.

  11. Anonymous

    Beautiful! I love your conversions!

  12. Great! Thank you very much Antonella!

    And thanks everyone! ^^

  13. Anonymous

    Hey, this is Animelovers3, I had requested this hair in a previous post, so I just wanted to say...THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! It is beautiful!!


  14. PandoraStar

    Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!

    Spectacular, exceptional!! Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs & Blessing.

  15. Anonymous

    Savio thank you for this hair i love the short bangs and it really is blonde-- this is my very fav hair, thanks for a great job and keep more coming thahks so much!

  16. Anonymous

    Mto fofo esse cabelo!
    Parabéns, adoro seu trabalho!
    (Alice - Brasil)

  17. Anonymous

    Awesome as always, Savio. I especially love this particular conversion. I think you did an amazing job with it.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  18. Anonymous

    Would you happen to have the sims 2 download for this hair? I've been looking for it forever.

  19. Anonymous

    Where did you get the sims2 version from, so you can convert it?

  20. Lunaris

    Muito obrigada, Savio!
    Acho simplismente admiráveis as suas conversões - sou eternamente grata!


  21. YorkieGirl4

    Question here. Do you have a Sims 3 profile online? If so, what's your name? I wanna check out your studio! There's sure to be beautiful custom content there! :D

  22. elena

    Hey it's awesome! Just a question, can u make it in a sims3pack format? I have a lot of problems with the package format in my sims 3. Well, again, great, thank you so much.

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