Living Set 01

Friday, October 30, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Hey! ^^

Today I bring you the Living Set 01 :)
Poly Count:

CDs and Books Deco: 475

Living Chair: 1554

Loveseat: 4080 (yep, pretty high.. I tried to reduce it, but in the end it looked so awful ._.)

Plant: 1438
Living chair and love seat are not conversions. I found them at a fee 3d models sharing website. The plant and the deco meshes are by SimCredible.

They've been done with The Sims Resource Workshop, so, you know: Don't pass them through the Compressorizer, or they will not work. Also, TSRW generates huge files, so, sorry for the file sizes.

Ah, some patterns may look distorted when applied to the sofa or the living chair, but it is not that noticiable.
Well, there ya go:


DOWNLOAD Living Set 01
Hope you enjoy it. :)
**Lemme me know if the file is corrupted or something similar.
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  1. WOW...wasn't expecting this. Looks really nice. Thanks again:)

  2. Anonymous

    it´s very nice,wonderful

  3. Anonymous

    Looks awesome! Thanks

  4. Anonymous

    Savio, você tá arrasando!!!!!! Parabéns!!!!!

  5. Lorry

    Very nice and very surprising. Awesome work, THANKYOU so much!

  6. Anonymous

    Savio eu keriat pedir um favor se poderias converter os dois cabelos do coolsims para mulher. O com acessorio e o sem.....É k são simplesmente formidaveis e incriveis e acho k iam ficar maravilhosos no the sims 3 obrigado!!!!

  7. Tytta

    Ficou lindo Savio!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!!

    The sofa and chair are " s p e c t a c u l a r ".

    All your creations are wonderful, terrific. I love them all.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Warmest regards, Tons of hugs.

  9. Hi Savio,

    Just drop by to tell you that I sent you 3 more to you hotmail account. You should check them. I'll be really happy if you can convert all of them and the Vivid one :)

  10. I'm trying to convert the vivid one, but after the tsr workshop update, hairs with accessories wont work anymore!(I'm doin' it as a normal hair.. 'Patterning' pearls would look pretty weird lol) Ah, and thanks, will check right now. :)

  11. Ah, and sorry for delay.. Ive been really sick these days. Just got to start converting again now. hehe

  12. Oh, I hope you will feel better. :)
    And thank you for all of your effort

  13. And I just sent you another one :)

  14. Thank you! =)

    Ah, just checked it! Thanks once again. ^^

    Btw, I'm releasing the vivid hair (plus a dining set).. hehe

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