Anto 32 (Lady Gaga hair) Alpha Edit - Pooklet'd!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 Posted by Sávio
This is an Alpha Edit of Anto 32. (I pooklet'd it, too). This is 6k poly, so, safe to use on most computers.

Thanks to:
Pooklet for the texture
Vanilla_Vanilla @ GOS for the alpha
CoolSims/Anto for original Mesh
Wes' for MS plugins
Delphy for Daboobs
and Milkshape developers

I hope you like it :D

Anto 32

DOWNLOAD Anto 32 + Alpha Edit - Pooklet'd!

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  1. Anonymous

    Mmmmmmm. Smexy hair! ...Just like you, Savio. ;)

  2. Robodl95

    Hey Sav, I have a question for you, on your first original hair (Not the more recent one, the first one) did you remember to do all the LODs?? I'm converting both of them to children (I'm sad that they don't work on toddlers) and it seems as if all the LODs are the same, did I export the meshes wrong or something? I have all 4 and I didn't rename them or anything... It seems unlike you to forget LODs so I thought I would ask

  3. Anonymous

    what does it mean alpha edit?

  4. Robodl95

    Textures can change the look of the hair, for example removing some of the texture would make the hair shorter.

    To add to my above post: If I try to change Lods of the hair in workshop it crashes :/

  5. Looks great Savio!

    just wondering, how are you on requests? I wanted to request a retexture because this hair kills me xD

  6. Anonymous

    conjuni!!!!! lol big fan savio

  7. Anonymous

    The teenage version seems to be broken, for me at least. I haven't tried the adult version yet.

  8. This is very cool Savio! Hey do u think that my sims r cute <3?

  9. Anonymous

    Love the hair! :3 I was wondering, but what default eyes are you using on the model, Savio? They look really nice. :)

  10. Robodl95, I'm pretty sure I made all the LODs. I even imported it to TSRW, to make the sims3pack version. If you are still having problems with it, I'll try to make it using TSRW, so, you will not have any problems.

    Evergeen22, I'm not doing anything right now. School is killing me, and I have no time to mesh, convert, retexture, or whatever. Except on weekends. hehe But you can leave your request in my requests posting. :D

    And, teenage version broken? It's the same as adult. I have tried it ingame, and haven't had any issues with it. O.o

    Adriana, your sims are so cute! I love Kimmy :D

    @Anon who asked what's alpha edit: go to CoolSims, page 5 (or 6), and check hair 32. That's the original hair. I changed the alpha, so, it looks like a new hair, but I only changed the textures and how they would be 'applied' to the hair.

    Anyway, thanks a lot guys!

  11. Ugh. I dnt know how to download stuff :(
    If anybody cn help me, go to my blog here please:
    TY! Im dying to know how to download stuff :p

  12. Anonymous

    I love your stuffs
    and u're fucking hot by the way

  13. Anonymous

    This shows up in my game all screwed up. The thumbnail looks like a balding male hair. When I try using it all it shows is big see through patches with weird visible patches of what looks like paper. It is quite blocky. I don't believe it is my graphics card or computer because I can use all the high poly hair without any issue. I have only had this happen with 2 other hairs and that was back when they were first made as non default. Any information as to what the issue could be would be truly appreciated.

  14. Anonymous

    it doesnt work in my game :-(

  15. That's weird, I've played and haven't had any problems with it.

    Have you guys patched your game? I haven't, so, that may be the reason.

    Anyway, try cleaning your cache (Docs/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 - and everything under WorldCaches and Thumbnails)


  16. Anonymous

    I clean out all the cache for everything before playing every time. Yes I am patched up fully. I can't imagine having the game patched is the issue with the hair although, EA does love to bork randomly. The original one which had given people tons of problems works just fine for me.

  17. I've noticed that some people after patching their games are having problems with hairs not showing up properly. Maybe it's just a random thing, I'm not sure. (I have a friend that also makes conversions, and his conversions oddly doesn't show up properly in his game, and in my game they work just fine. [he is patched up fully, too]) So, I'd blame EA, 'cause I didn't do anything different to this hair.

  18. Anonymous

    I didn't think you did anything wrong Savio, I have many of yours working just fine. It is so frustrating because this is one hair I have wanted since I first saw it. The original worked but didn't look good enough to keep or use when in my game. I was so thrilled to see you release this but when it didn't work properly it was just upsetting. It probably is EA as they have managed to screw up something new with each and every expansion or update. I am probably lucky compared to some, I haven't had many of the problems I hear people complain about. Given that I have been so lucky a hair or two that fail to look right are more than acceptable.

  19. Anonymous

    Hi! Please, I need some help. I downloaded this hairstyle and it appears in WinRAR. I extracted it in another folder but it doesn´t work in the game. There´s a toolbar that says "Elapsed time" and "Remaining time", but it takes days in filling, it isn´t completely full. I hope you can help me!
    Thank you

  20. Anonymous

    When i click on it, its like bald :// fix please

  21. Anonymous

    Hi. I'm also here to report that it doesn't work for me either. The majority of the hair is gone and all transparent and the scalp itself is that of short male hair. It kinda sucks because I've been looking all around for this kind of hairstyle too. :(

  22. Anonymous

    Is this hair for children age group, too? :)

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