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Saturday, July 17, 2010 Posted by Sávio
So guys, I converted this yesterday. It looks okay, I was even going to post it, but then I noticed it had transparency issues. (they're not that noticeable, but they're still there) Oh, click on the pic to see it bigger.

So I just wanted some feeback from you guys: should I post it, despite the issues?

By the way, this is an alpha edit + retexture of the original hair. (the original texture sucked!)

Thanks for any feedback,
  1. Anonymous

    IMO, I think you should. It's pretty cute, even with few minor flaws :)

  2. Anonymous

    ^ I couldn't agree more :)

    Anyway, is this one of those 6 hairs? :S

  3. Nope, I didn't count this one as 'coming soon'. hehe (I wasn't going to post it. :))

  4. I love it, you should post it!

  5. KrysJA

    If you're not happy with it yet...don't post it till you are. (it's cute though)

  6. The problem is that I couldn't fix those issues. If I moved the undersides up or down, that would fix those issues, but there would be new ones elsewhere. :/

  7. It looks great, but it's a little bit too high on the head :/

  8. Anonymous

    Concordo Savio o original é horrivel ja esperava um melhor de voce!!!!!

  9. Anonymous it please!!i really love this hair..! XD

  10. Anonymous

    I think you should post it, it's still a nice looking hair, flaws and all :)

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