Rose 94 Alpha Edit

Saturday, July 31, 2010 Posted by Sávio
Okay, this time I bring you guys an alpha edit.

I converted this hair before, but it looked crap. :P Rose did too, and it looked even worse. lol

This conversion looks lovely, but the only problem is that it is (originally) WAY too long. I think it looks even cuter with this alpha edit. :D

-TumTum for original conversion
-Anubis for retexture
-Selzi for edited alpha
-Rose for original mesh

I hope you like it. :)

DOWNLOAD Rose 94 Alpha Edit
  1. Anonymous
  2. Holy Shizel. Amazing. <33

  3. Thank you for shortening it. The long version is hideous. Lovely. <3

  4. Yay! I've really been wanting a shorter version!

  5. Jada

    Savio, I'm soo glad you did this. I always thought the hair would look much better IF it were shorter. I guess what they say is true, all great minds think a like. Great work!

  6. JPSims

    i love this hair thanks savio

  7. aWT

    Now I get it Sav. (I think, lol)

  8. Luna

    This looks so much better then the way too long version!

    I luv it!

  9. Great work Savio =)

  10. Anonymous

    This hair is amazing, Savio ♥o♥

    Could you shorten this Peggy hair that Tum Tum converted here:

    like this :

    please ?

    It would be super and I could create myself in The Sims 3... :(

    Thanks in advance for your answer... :)

  11. Awesome job! I don't get why so many hairs are ridiculously long like this one originally was. It just looks weird and covers half the outfit they're wearing. So, TYVM for shortening this and making such a cute and realistic hairstyle.

  12. Kitty Paine

    Could you convert Rose's FFX Rikku hairs?

  13. i also thought the other one was too long, this looks great!

  14. Anonymous

    where can i find that dress?

  15. Kitty Paine

    Can you retexture Rose Free Hair 002 and make the hairband patternable? It desperately needs to be fixed.

  16. Anonymous

    Amazing edit :)

    From some weird reason the hair is not showing up in my game :S Never had that problem before with another hair.

  17. Lauren

    You always do such a great work converting.

    So, please answer me. Do you take requests from other designer's hairs besides Peggy, Anto and Rose?

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