Rose 99 and Rose 103

Friday, July 30, 2010 Posted by Sávio
More re-converted Rose hairs! :D

I love those, especially 99. It's so sexy. :P

Rose 99


Rose 103

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  1. CASP dos antigos plix


  2. 99
    rose_donation_hair05_female_af.package 0xC36F9C43162BEFC9
    rose_donation_hair05_female_cf.package 0xAD2D250BA06FBEA8
    rose_donation_hair05_female_pf.package 0xDB89D384F7AAB590

    rose_donation_hair013_female_af.package 0x84759CA29036C03E
    rose_donation_hair013_female_cf.package 0x31142B5B6C5875AF
    rose_donation_hair013_female_pf.package 0xBD141A00D76B2E2D


  3. thanks Saviozitto XD

  4. Anonymous

    Lovely lovely!
    Wish second one were converted for males, too. *hint hint* :D


  5. Anonymous

    hi :D thanks so much for this hair and i love how you fix them all so there are not bald spots. definately downloading, your amazing!

    also i just wanted to ask if you could possibly do this one? ive been wanting to make a gothic type-ish sim, but i cant find any good gothicy hair. thinking you can convert this?

  6. <33 :D

    So Savio, the rose hair masta! I was wondering, because the sims 3 version of this is so eff'd up, could you convert and fix it? :D

    Hair 79 :D

    I'd do it myself, but I dont feel like 1. getting interrogated for it by my parents 2. Being interrogated for a meshing program 3. gaining patience xD

  7. Savio: This is my most-used, most favorite hair ever! Close-ups reveal slight gaps in the hair, but overall, it's so stylish and sleek. Thank you! :)

  8. Anonymous

    please, can you someone convert this hair to sims3pack ?

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