Savio Hair 12

Friday, July 23, 2010 Posted by Sávio

Another hair mesh made by myself. :D

It's 12k polys (yeah, pretty high, but I tried to reduce its poly count even more, but it looked crap); females only, teen through elder.

Feel free to retexture it, alpha edit it, etc... But remember:

-Do NOT upload to paysites
-Do NOT claim it as your own
-Do NOT slightly modify the mesh and claim it as your own
-Do NOT forget to remember everything above :)

Oh, and you know: NO T$R

I do hope you guys will enjoy this. :)
Please, let me know what you think about it in the comments. ^^

Savio Hair 12

DOWNLOAD Savio Hair 12
  1. Very nice, Savio:)

  2. Loud

    Nice work!
    I <heart3 your blog!
    Hugs from Venezuela n_n

  3. moo

    This is very cute Savio:) i love ur work<3

  4. Anonymous

    I love it! Very good work

  5. Beautiful! I loved this hair! Thanks

  6. aWT

    This is LOVELY my friend!
    You are getting better and better! Keep it up! =)

  7. Mitch.

    This hair is my favourite EVER hairstyle you've created. Only thing is, the hair goes into the body and dissappears when my sims moves her head, could you fix this and upload it again? I would be so grateful!

  8. Anonymous


  9. Abb

    You're awesome. I find your blog few minutes ago and I'm already addicted. You should make more hairstyles. :)

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