Peggy 568

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Posted by Sávio
Well, people who commented on the feedbacks posting said I should post this hair, and here it is. :)

Peggy 568

DOWNLOAD Peggy 568

Hope you like it. xD
  1. so cute and just what I was looking for ^ ^

  2. aWT

    Thanks Sav, for another lovely hair! :)

  3. K

    It has transparecy issues!!!! Just kidding :p thank you for the effort, it's pretty in a classy way. Reminds me of a pin-up :)

  4. Anonymous

    It's a wee bit high on the head though :/ Meh, who cares? I'm DL-ing >:)

  5. Anonymous

    Hi, :) Thank you so much for the lovely hair styles I have downloaded. :)
    Just one question though. I got a bit confused, are all the styles you offered free on the sites they came from? I hope so other wise I'll have to delete them! :(
    Thanks again though. :)

  6. Some of them are actually pay, but I don't know why you have to delete them?

    Oh, and it does look like high on the head, but it's the mesh itself. It's where the hair starts to grow that is high. :/ Sorry bout that.

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for the reply. I'd have to delete them as I won't have paid for them. I think it's wrong. Unless you don't include the meshes?

  8. To start with, it's illegal to charge for sims stuff (doesn't matter what it is, a hair, house, clothing, whatever, you shouldn't charge for anything - it's in EA's EULA).

    And this is a conversion, you don't need to download anything from other place. I didn't actually make the mesh though, but I did make the textures (sometimes I use the original textures - besides, this hair is retextured with Pooklet's textures) and convert the mesh to fit Sims3 heads. And if I don't include the mesh (which I 'converted'; it is NOT the original mesh, from Sims2), it won't work at all.

    So, I think there's no need to worry. Peggy shouldn't charge for this hair, or any other pay hair. They are being illegal, not me (who converted it) or you (who downloaded it).

  9. Oh, and I hope you understand me. :)

  10. thank you sooo much ..for all th free hair..kepp up the great work :)

  11. Anonymous

    I think I love you :)

  12. Anonymous

    the hair looks alike with taylor swift !! lol so cute

  13. Anonymous

    sheesh i love free stuff and i think crazy that some sites make ppl pay for stuff. So thank you for this free hair!!

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