Rose 58

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 Posted by Sávio
I converted this a while ago, but forgot to post it. hehe

It's teen ~ elder, females only

I hope you like it. :D

Rose 58

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  1. Another great conversion, Savio! Well done!

    Can I ask you a favor? Please convert these gorgeous hairs for Sims 3? Thank you!

    Female Hair 12:

    Female Hair 28:

    Female Hair 43:

    Male Hair 33:

    SAU Female Hair 16:

    SAU Female Hair 17:

    *Sorry for the big list.

  2. Anonymous

    ur model is gorgeous. where can i download her?

  3. sam

    how do you download the clothing

  4. Anonymous

    Clothings from Darko.

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