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Friday, September 11, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Hi there! :D

Well, today I saw an anon post requesting this hair, and I thought I could take a crack at it. So, here it is!

This hair is Anto's (from coolsims) hair 50. It originally has a crown, but I still dont know howto make those things patternable/colorable, so, I removed it. (also, I think it is better without the crown)

Assigning the joints was really the hardest thing on this hair: as it has many vertices and is too long, the joints werent well assigned. Also, I uploaded two pics of the sim moving her head, so, you can see how it works. Ah, forgot: BE AWARE this hair is HIGH POLY as well as the others Anto's hairs. If your PC cannot handle HP hairs, your game may crash. Also, I HAVE done LOD1, and it has about 15.000 vertices. (so, LOD0 - the 'major mesh' - has 30.000)

So, there yall go...

FileBox: ZIP - RAR

zShare: ZIP- RAR
Hope you enjoy it
  1. Thanks for another amazing hair, Savio:)

  2. BTW I refuse to believe this gem will crash my game. REFUSE!:)

  3. Well, I opened my CAS to test it, and my game crashed.. but I crashed cause I tried to open a sim that is wearing a hair I didnt download.

    Anyway, if your PC cant handle it, I dont believe itll crash it, but your game will have some lags. But its better to put that it IS highpoly and may crash.. so, no one can bother me saying it crashed someone's game and blabla.

  4. Anonymous

    I love this hair. It is amazing and best of all it does not crash my game! Thank you so much.

  5. My game did not crash either. Let it run for days and it's good:) Thank you.

  6. Thanks for testing! I couldnt test it, so, I was worried with the poly count.. ''/

  7. Teddybearmafia

    Thank you for converting a curly hair!! I love you for this, eveyone is converting short and straight hairs.Ive been waiting forever for a curly hair.^_^

  8. Anonymous

    Wonder how the curly hair that came with sims2 would look like in sims3, that`s kinda nice one. Would be great to see more of the ones that came with sims2. Maybe easier to convert.
    Thanks for this hair, am gonna test it later on

  9. Anonymous

    Would you be willing to convert this hair?

    I don't think she is going to release it. I think there is one similar out there, but it is no where near as nice as hers is (big gap on top of head at the roots) . . . and if anyone could do it, I'm sure it's you ;)

  10. Anonymous

    This beautiful hair works just wonderful, thanks Savio :o)

  11. Anonymous

    this is what im talking about savio you sexy bitch I love you, this is so gorgeous!

  12. I doubt I'll have any issues with this as I run on a Quad with 8GBs of RAM and a GPU with 1GB of it's own memory, But I will update later and let you know. Personally I doubt I'll even experience any slowdowns. Thanks so much for making more curly hairs. I cannot believe how EA left out Black and Latino people or even just white people with curly hair. Hmm have to post as Anonymous because it won't take my live journal

    I don't know how that contains illegal characters because it looks just like the example they give.

  13. Anonymous

    Pretty, pretty, pretty, thank you!!!

  14. Anonymous

    Hi again!!!!
    I'm the anonymous that have ask you for convert this hair, let me tell you that is gorgeous!!!!
    By the way my nick is Buh'K'andy is how everyone can call me. I'm here again asking you to convert one more hair that I love that is so pin-up girl and I just love it is the first hair from this section of rosesims hair


    Thanks a lot, and I hope you can make the hair acessorie recolorable I know that you've said that you had some problems with that but I know that you wold make it!!!!
    Thanks a lot for all of your magnificient work!!!

  15. Anonymous

    It's me again Buh'K'andy I would ask you if you could convert this one to with the hair acessorie recolorable thanks again...

    The hair is the this one


    Thanks again!!

  16. Simnathysim

    Muito Muito Muito lindo mesmo!!! O cabelo mais bonito que eu tenho em meu jogo.
    Muito obrigado.

  17. 30000 Polys Omg, that's insane... That's like all the polys of all my sims hairs in my town combined in one hair. :p Other than that. Really nice conversion! :D

  18. Anonymous

    Looks GREAT. And thanks for removing the silly crown, even if you did it because you don't know how to recolor accessories. ;) Accessories are fine, but crowns are stupid! And I'd rather have the accessory removed if it can't be recolored properly. This looks fantastic without it, anyway, and I can't wait to use it! :)

  19. This is by far my favorite hair ever. Thank you so much for it! It's gorgeous! :)

  20. Anonymous

    Can't download it both links are broken will they ever be fixed.

  21. Ive downloaded some hair for my sims 2 from coolsims, Ive put them in my download file, and they aren't showin?

  22. I love her awesome hair style, seriously you designed an amazing avatar.

  23. I like the blonde hair with pink. Funky.

  24. I like this nice post work here....!

  25. Wow this nice Accessories are fine, but crowns are stupid! And I'd rather have the accessory removed if it can't ..
    London Heathrow

  26. Anonymous

    link is broken, can you send me the package file please, thank you.

  27. Anonymous

    None of the download links work... only mediafire links work for me!

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