Download - Rose 52 and 53 [Free]

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Here they are! Hope you like it; :)

Rose 52
I know most of you don't like this hair, but I converted it and it didn't look too bad(IMO), so, i did want to upload. )

DOWNLOAD: FIXED! LOD1 is nice now! Redownload if you had problems!

Rose 53
this is actually an 'elf hair', butit looks good on 'non-elf's :p)

  1. Thanks once again, Savio:)

  2. Se cabelo do moço não for loiro, não vai parecer que ele está com pensamentos on fire, né? Tá, isso foi uma gracinha boba.

  3. Thank you,^^'' your conversion hairs are nice. thank you a lot

  4. I do love your "Gan Ning style" hair, thank you Savio =)

  5. Anonymous

    I love your hairstyles...though i have trouble uploading them, could you please make them downloadable from sims 3 pack please? Thanks so much!

  6. Anonymous

    DAMN! I Kinda like this kind of hair.Better then long hair..
    can u make a shaved design haircut?
    kinda look for it.


  7. Julissa

    OMG idk who you are referring to that doesn't like #52, but I'm in LOVE with that hair! Heck, you are my sim SAVIOR. THANK YOU for the upload!

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