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Tuesday, September 1, 2009 Posted by Sávio

There ya go, guys! :D Download links for Peggy 5464, both genders! (separated links) =)

Some pics:

Male looks better than female. The female one has a few alpha issues, which I wasn't able to fix. If you see any major flaws, please, lemme know: i'll try fixing it.




edit: Fixed download link! (female)

edit2: fixed LOD1 for both. If you don't have a good graphics card, with the old version, you can have some problems on how it looks in game. Please REDOWNLOAD.
  1. Boa tarde, coincidência! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. omg verdade... hehehe Temos bom gosto. :p

  3. Obrigada, meu amigo!!! Thanks, my friend!!!


  4. Anonymous

    Thank You...I love them!!

  5. Thanks, Savio. They're really nice:)

  6. Anonymous

    Anyway you could put that first male model up for dl? He looks alot like Masamune form Samurai warriors for some reason! Thanks for the hair!

  7. I don't have him anymore.. It was a sim from the game... Sorry. :(

  8. Anonymous

    That's allright! Thanks anyway!

  9. Thanks so much. This hair looks so great in the game. It's one of my new favorites.

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you for all, it looks soooo fabolous !!

  11. Anonymous

    i simply love it! thank you somuch

  12. Anonymous
  13. Anonymous

    cant download the female version

  14. Anonymous

    oh my gosh! thank you soooo much savio! this is the CLOSEST hair I have found to look like Jasper Hale's hair from the Twilight series! you are amazing!!!

  15. Anonymous

    ahhh!! (i'm the one who just commented above on december 29) so, i don't know how to download a .rar file (yeah... i'm stupid like that (: ) so is there any possible way you can tell me how to or is there a way you can make this a .zip (package) file??? i would really appreciate it because I am in love with this hair (esp. the male version). thanks!!!

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