Rose Special Gift 002 (Rose 179)

Friday, September 18, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Hey there!

I bring you another conversion: Rose Special Gift 002.

It colors properly, and there is no major flaws. (bleh, I didnt see any. =P)

Uploaded in FileBox, MediaFire and zShare. :)

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks, looks great!!!

  2. Anonymous

    A request if possible, to convert it for sims3...

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry, i meant those male hairs in there that haven`t yet been converted by anyone.. Thanks

  4. Anonymous

    Wow.. cool visitor location counter!!

  5. Anonymous

    Nice, very nice! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Anonymous

    Savio, I love your work to pieces but I feel there is just something off with this hair. I am wondering if it is just a tiny too smooshed down on her head. Maybe stick it up just a bit? It also feels to wide, but that may be because it is too far down?

    It also cuts into the sims neck on the left side (the sims right). Otherwise the texture, the movement it is all awesome. I thank you for converting all of these hairs, but I feel with a little tweak this hair could be PERFECT!

  7. Anonymous

    Olá Sávio
    será que você poderia me adicionar no msn???
    Pois presciso falar com vc sobre uma coisinha!!!

    meu Msn:


  8. Savio i have a question that doesn't relate to this hair in particular. You made a hair that looks like Cazy's Peggy gift Apr09 but it doesn't have the clips on the side. I need to know the name of that file because i downloaded your version a while back, and now i want to delete it and i can't. The hair i'm talking about is here I hope you can help me. thanks

  9. I think its name is something like ClippedSides..

  10. judy555Canada

    Wow!! Wow !! Wow!!! This is an amazing conversion. I'm in awe of your brilliant talent.

    Thank you so very very much for sharing.

  11. Anonymous

    Looks Awesome!!
    I love u!

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