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Friday, September 11, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Hey! :D

I didnt know how to make a good assigment to this hair.. The horsetail will move when the head moves. (if i didnt do that, when sim's head turns to left or right it could look pretty weird, so you know..)

So, there you go.. :)




  1. This hair looks awesome thank you Savio ;)

  2. Thank you, Savio:) I can't wait to try it.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you. It looks wonderful!

  4. SaviRose

    Thank you Savio! It looks great!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Savio,
    I would like to ask if you can convert this two hairs please
    thanks to listen me!!!

  6. I'll try converting hair 50! The other one i'll try asap, cause I have some anto's hairs on my queue. ;p

    Btw, thanks for the link of the hair 50! I didnt see this yet. :D

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot you don't know who happy am I
    thanks thanks thanks AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LOTLOTLOTLOTLOT!!!!!!

  8. Niima

    THANKS Savio, this is great. Thanks for taking your time to do hair conversions. :)

  9. Anonymous

    Thanks sooo much for all your great works !!

  10. Hey Savio, I'm unsure as to how to add this to the game. Can you help?

  11. Hey!

    You can start reading this: it helped me a lot when custom contents were released :D

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for doing this, but I had a problem with it. It shows up when I'm in create a sim and in their picture at the bottom of the screen, but the sims look bald in-game.

  13. Anonymous

    Thank you, Savio! Your conversions are wonderful!

  14. Anonymous

    Hi Savio! I was wondering if u could make this a .zip file as well? it'd be v. much appreciated :D

  15. Anonymous

    This hair is the best! Thanks Savio!

  16. Anonymous

    Hi, Is the any way possible that this hair can be converted for a male sim???? I'm desperate for this hair style, but I need it for a man! If you'd be willing to do this I'd be so grateful!

  17. LyeTastic

    Oh my god!
    Sav! Sav! Why didn't you tell me you had this instead of sending me on a wild goose-chase across the internet?!

    I kid, I kid, but seriously, thank you! <333
    Now everything is ALL BETTER!

  18. Looks better with the brown hair, thanks for the post, it is really awesome what you are doing.

  19. Anonymous

    Can you please make this hairstyle available for sims 4 for males and females?That would be awesome!!

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