Peggy 5542 - Juice 119

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Posted by Sávio
I have done this today, and I wanted to share with you all.. :)

I think this has been converted somewhere else, but it didn't color properly... o_0

The most difficult thing on this hair was the fitting.. I didn't know how to adjust it.. :s So it may not look perfect, like Peggy's hairs (the mesh - I hate her textures =P).

I hope you like it. ^^

ps: I will play with it and if I see that there is something I need to fix, I will update with the new links.
  1. Thank you Savio You are The Best ;))))

  2. Anonymous

    Nice job!! Looks like a big improvement over the last time this was converted! :)

  3. Ammm... She looks so old xD

  4. Angela

    Oi Sávio eu amo os Sims e vc faz um grande trabalho cara! parabéns! um beijão sou de São Paulo

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