Coming Soon - Canceled Hair

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Hey there!

Well,here are my current conversions, and its status. (You see either if it is gonna be posted, or it is canceled. Also, if it is a gift for friends)

Click to better view.

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  1. SaviRose

    The upcoming hairs look fantastic! Thank You in advance!

  2. Anonymous
  3. Anonymous
  4. Anonymous

    Just because they are flawed doesnt mean no one would want them, I'd still want the hair if its slightly blurry and maybe a couple glaps. A conversion hair I worked on was blurry as hell and way more blurry then then that, I know I would still want your version.

  5. Anonymous

    I love the one that's gift for friends! It's a shame we can't get it but all the hairs look amazing anyway!

  6. Thanks everyone!! :)

    Well,anon3, I can upload it anyway, but there are many flaws. (on the 2nd, you can see a few on an angle only - 7th), but on the long pigtails there are many, and they ARE visible.

    About the blurry texture, I dont mind it too, I'll use it on my sims anyways. But there are some people that will say why I uploaded it ig it was not perfect, it IS too bad, and blabla..

    About the gift for friends: I'll redo it. There was a visible flaw on the side. But I was thinking of it, andd decided that I will share with EVERYONE *AFTER* sending if for my friends. (about after one week, idk)

  7. Anonymous

    The bottom 2 are my favorites! Can't wait to get them!!

  8. i dont like the bottom left one (short and curly)) it was a hair i never used in sims 2 either, i like them all especially the 2 long pigtails, that one was perfect for college sims in sims 2 (so it will be good for young adults in sims 3) Whatever you put out thank you

  9. btw if texture is the only issue you can put it out and some one will probably retexture it for you, its been done before.

  10. They All look fantastic!! I can't wait to download! Thanks for taking the time to do the conversions! :)

  11. Anonymous

    the cancelled ones look the best

  12. Anonymous

    Do you take requests by chance? There is another hair created/converted? by the person named "aviniti" on the sims forums that is really adorable and I'm guessing she'll probably never release. It's a bob (short) hair cut that is longer in front and shorter in back.

    Was just curious. BTW - your hairs are awesome, thanks so much!

  13. Anonymous

    I really want the long cancelled one :'(

  14. Anonymous

    Savio, please release your Rose curly ponytail. It looks much better than that mess Rose released. Keeping fingers crossed!

  15. whoa savio! I'm a fan of ur works! Can't wait for them >w<

  16. mike

    I would love you forever if you released the top right one, even if it is blurry its still amazing and awesome!

  17. when you say soon, how soon is that because i would really like some of those hairs

  18. I have to test it. ;) But I dont post all at once. If I do, I wont have any hairs to post. hehe

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