Hairs - Sept, 14 - UPDATED

Monday, September 14, 2009 Posted by Sávio
Hi there! :D

On this post, I'll post the hairs I showed last post mine. I'll edit it when I have a new conversion!


Cute one! :P
I made the texture look less blurry... but you can see it is not perfect. ;)

Well, there ya go...


■ by request, .zip file on Zshare:


DOWNLOAD Peggy 455 (Fixed version)



# Peggy 455 has been fixed. Please, redownload and delete the other version. [ Peggy445_Savio-1.1.package ] #

  1. SaviRose

    Thank you Savio, Can't wait to use it in game:)

  2. Mia

    This is great! Thank you!

  3. A
  4. Siobhan

    This is a great hair! Could you possibly upload it as a .zip file though? I can't download WinRAR and I really want it in my game =]

  5. This hair looks GORGEOUS thank you thank you thank you ;)))))))

  6. Anonymous

    GREAT thank you soo much !

  7. Good job, Sávio! Não poderia deixar de postar meus agradecimentos e dizer como aprecio sua participação tb na monstrinha. Thankssssssssss

  8. Anonymous

    Thank you. This was my fave Sims2 hair!!

  9. Anonymous
  10. Anonymous
  11. Anonymous

    Thanks! So beautiful!
    Ых красотищаааа....

  12. Keely
  13. Keely
  14. anja

    Thank you. You are really talented.

  15. Anonymous

    Hello. I love the Peggy 455 hair. I downloaded the fixed version, but there is a problem when you zoom out. When the camera is zoomed far away, the hair looks like an old man's hair (short and close to the head). Thanks for working on this, though.

  16. Anonymous

    If This came for a MALE, i could use it for a russel Brand sim!


  17. Anonymous

    I love the Raon 37 hair. But there is a problem when you zoom out. When the camera is zoomed far away, the hair looks like an old man's hair (short and close to the head).

  18. Anonymous

    Hello! I was wondering if you could convert the peggy 455 you have up there for males too, I want to do some 80s rocker sims!

  19. Anonymous

    Thank you soooooo much!!!

  20. Anonymous

    CAn you please update the file please i can't download this file at ZShared or Filebox can you upload on Media Fire ??? please

  21. Anonymous

    Not everyone get this one, i need another source

  22. Anonymous

    Can you make the peggy hair for male? Great job, btw!

  23. seria possivel vse colocar o Peggy 455 em formato .sims3pack pra baixar tbm? meu jogo dá muito lag com .package INFELIZMENTE ._. xoxo'

  24. Anonymous

    i love this but the PEGGY 455 link are dead... can you please fix it

  25. Plz reupload Peggy 455. It is so awesome!

  26. Anonymous

    Yes please reupload this hair, its really Unique and I love it!

  27. lilindygal

    I will have to 4th the most recent request, could you upload Peggy 455, hope you are still around, I have enjoyed your blog.

  28. love 455 please re-upload it!

  29. where did the raon hair go :(

  30. I can't get the Peggy 455 links of yours to work in explorer, chrome, or firefox. Do you have another working link? Could you put it in dropbox or mediafile?

  31. Anonymous

    The Raon 37 links are dead and it makes me very sad.

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